Zac Efron Shows Off Abs In New Movie


We know Zac Efron is hot. In fact, it’s all anyone can talk about when it comes to his new film, Neighbors, co-starring Seth Rogen and Dave Franco. The actor has been photographed countless times in tight pants and tiny tees that show off his ripped chest and bulging err stuff. And the movie is showing off the one real thing it’s got going for it: Efron’s abs. Just look at the those things heating up in front of the grill. [Insert meat joke here.] If we weren’t already excited about the film, we are now. Sadly, it doesn’t come out until May of next year.

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  • Dxley

    What’s the fucking fuss? This guy ain’t that wow. He’s just fine. Matt Bomer and Ronaldo are DEFINITELY wow. I’d dump my boyfriend of 3 years for those two anytime(I still love you, baby and I know you read these comments). It also doesn’t hurt that they’re loaded!!!

  • nycbearman

    These boys need to stop torturing themselves! Meaty is a good thing. Early Joey on Friends? Super hot.

  • ncman

    when did he develop the fur? it makes him look all grown up and yummy.

  • yaoming

    Shouldn’t that be “Zac Efron sucks,it in”?

  • Spike

    Probably competing with Taylor Lautner for the 20something hard body shirtless roles….with that said he def looks better with the man hair, imagine he still shaves his pubes.

  • kurt_t

    Oh Spike, you did NOT just play the pube card.

  • MikeE

    is there something odd about the photo? he seems to have a dark-coloured square below his navel. like a square of sunburn or something. or is it an illusion cause by the lighting in the photo?

  • trelin

    Phew…he looks real good.

  • Jay

    I thought nothing was hotter than his Rolling Stone treasure trail cover, but this makes my dick even bigger.

  • Rooney

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  • Lorrish

    Holy bojangles :p
    That dude is fiiiine.

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