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Zimbabwe Adding Gay Protections to Constitution? Mwuhahaha

We knew sending almost 500,000 signatures to Uganda’s parliament wouldn’t have much of an effect on the Kill The Gays bill. For the same reason, international pressure on Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe to include gay rights in the federal constitution.

Mugabe, who’s called gays “worse than pigs and dogs,” and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai (pictured, R-L) have finally found something they agree on after a bitter (and harrowing) battle for the presidency. These two men detest each other, and for months battled over power sharing arrangements, election results, and succession. But they now have some common ground: continuing to discriminate against gay Zimbabweans.

“Why should a man seek to have a relationship with another man when women make up 52 percent of the population?,” Tsvangirai asked yesterday at a delayed International Women’s Day event. “In fact, men are fewer than women.” As for adding gay protections to the constitution, Mugabe remarked, “That issue is not debatable, it’s not up for discussion.”

The same way American lawmakers and executive branch members despite any hint of pressure from international customs and law, so do Zimbabwe’s.

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