10 Gayish Halloween Movies To Watch This Weekend

It’s Halloween, the unofficial gay national holiday. All across the country, men and women alike are dressing up in slutty costumes and behaving badly. But in case you’re just not in the mood to wreak havoc in the streets, and would rather stay in and hang out at home, we’ve compiled some Halloween-appropriate movies worth watching (or re-watching).

Scroll down for 10 of our favorite gayish scary movies…

Hocus Pocus

HOCUS POCUS, Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, 1993

It’s hard to believe that it’s been been 22 years — 22 years! — since Hocus Pocus first bombed in theaters. Audiences and critics in 1993 just weren’t feeling Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker (pre-Carrie Bradshaw) as the Sanderson Sisters, three Salem-era witches raised from the dead after 300 years only to run amok in the 20th century. Since then, however, it’s gone to to become not only a Halloween caper classic, but a cult favorite among the gays.

The Witches

While we’re on the subject of witches and feeling the ’90s nostalgia, Angelica Huston‘s portrayal of the Miss Ernst, the Grand High Witch, in The Witches, based on Roald Dahl is still wickedly fabulous 25 years after the film was originally released.

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?


Cast two aging gay icons who hate each other–Bette Davis and Joan Crawford–as mentally unstable/physically unable protagonists, then have them abuse one another for two and a half hours, throw in a creepy life-sized porcelain doll, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

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The Lost Boys

This homoerotic vampire flick by out director Joel Schumacher features a band of randy teenage male vampires with exposed midriffs and single pierced ears who like to suck each other’s blood. Need we say more?

Phantom of the Opera


Gerald Butler plays the title role in the movie version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s spooky blockbuster musical. It also features Patrick Wilson looking hot (per usual) as Raoul and Minnie Driver playing the over-the-top diva Carlotta Giudicelli.

The Craft


Four bitchy, er, witchy Catholic school girls establish a coven and use sorcery for their own personal gain and, eventually, to try and destroy one another.

The Covenant


This is sort of like the male response to The Craft ten years later. A group of ridiculously attractive male witches who appear to have very little interest in the females around them take their shirts off and seductively fling themselves at one another for 97 minutes and all in the name of the “Sons of Ipswich.”

The Addams Family



Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte


Another macabre must-see Bette Davis picture. This time she portrays a lonely spinster living in a crumbling antebellum mansion whose sinister cousin, played by none other than Olivia de Havilland (a.k.a Melanie Wilkes), tricks her into thinking she’s going crazy in an attempt to steal her riches.

American Psycho

christian bale shirtless american psycho

Christian Bale plays a wealthy, over-sexed serial killer who spends about one third of the film either in his underwear or completely naked. ‘Nuff said.

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