5 Gay Rappers Who Are “Better Than Everybody”

1. Le1f


Who He Is: This New York-born voguer — who is a trained dancer known for his distinctly wacky, glitchy seapunk aesthetic — has already dropped two addictive mixtapes: the experimental Dark York and the incessantly danceable Fly Zone. While we all wait with bated breath for his next release, Tree House on September 10, we’ll keep watching his hyper-surrel music video and praying for “Wut” to come on at the gay bar.

What He’s Up to Now: Just yesterday, Le1f (probably justifiably) read white rapper/outspoken LGBT ally Macklemore for filth, claiming that he’s unfairly profiting from his advocacy, while accusing Macklemore of ripping off a horn sample from “Wut” for “Thrift Shop.”

Choice Lyric: “Fuck these white dudes / You know I love to fuck these white dudes / I put the fever in the jungle but that don’t mean I like you / I’m not a gold digger but if he wants to pay for brunch, cool / Money money money is the bodyguard I run to.”