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53-year-old Singaporean daddy strips down in his first sex scene

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Remember Chuando Tan, our favorite 50-year-old photographer/model who took the internet by storm in 2017 showing that age is nothing but a number (and strict diet and exercise and genetics)?

The Singapore-based fashionista has a massively popular Instagram account, crammed with fleshy snaps and typically upbeat affirmations (“When you choose to see the good in others, you end up seeing the good in yourself.”)

Well after growing his follower count to the tune of 1.2 million, Tan is back in the headlines (albeit, on a site called The Straits Times that we only became aware existed today).

Now 53 and still looking incredible, it’s been reported that Tan will soon make his film acting debut in a star role in an upcoming murder drama.

The report made mention of the fact that the film will feature some moments of special interest to Tan’s legions of fans: First, a steamy shower scene in which Tan will bare his buttocks, and second, an assumedly equally steamy sex scene. The suspense is killing us already!

In an interview with 8days, Tan shared that he doesn’t mind stripping down for a role if that’s what the script calls for.

It’s called art, people.

Beyond these details, if you can really call them that, more information has not been released about the film except that Taiwanese director Wayne Peng will likely helm the project, and it will also feature Tay Ping Hui, 48, acting alongside Tan.

Can’t wait!