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8 Things GLAAD Should’ve Considered Before Their Ineffective Campaign Against Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives

Isreal Luna’s “transploitation film” Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives is now the target of a GLAAD campaign to get the film pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival because, “its title and its marketing misrepresent the lives of transgender women and use grotesque, exploitative depictions of violence against transgender women in ways that make light of the horrific brutality they all too often face.” I agree that the film’s deliberately provocative and far from perfect, but most of the people speaking out against it haven’t even seen the entire film yet and are missing the larger point. The film could do more to progress trans-issues in film than any other film before it and at least 8 ways that GLAAD — which has seen the film — should have considered.

1) TRIBECA’S ALREADY DECIDED TO RUN THE FILM NO MATTER WHAT: When trans San Francisco blogger Gina got wind Luna’s flick — which Queerty reviewed in January — was accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival, she got a bit ticked-off herself. The problems? You name it: the offensive word “tranny” in the title; the trailer references real-life trans-bashing victims Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado and Angie Zapata to promote Luna’s comedy-slasher-action flick; portraying trans-women as campy drag performers. Gina mentioned a Facebook page urging a boycott of TOTWK and contacted several other trans bloggers (such as Autumn Sandeen from Pam’s House Blend) who contacted gay governing watchdog GLAAD. Yesterday, GLAAD issued a call to action and a petition to get the film pulled from Tribeca. That’s great, except Tribeca has already said it’s not gonna pull the film. Nor should they, because GLAAD is, once again, over-stepping in haste.

Perhaps the most egregious evidence that GLAAD is A) late the game; B) in reactionary mode; C) irrelevant; and D) hypocritical arrives with this Tribeca Film Festival statement:

The filmmakers provided a copy of this film to GLAAD in February, and for weeks the organization had been supportive to the filmmakers. In fact, GLAAD representatives advised the film’s producer, director and cast on how to describe the film to its core constituency. Tribeca is proud of its ongoing commitment to bring diverse voices and stories to its audiences, and looks forward to the film’s premiere at our Festival next month.

2) THE GLAAD CAMPAIGN AGAINST TOTWK HAS HELPED GUARANTEE ITS SUCCESS: GLAAD and transbloggers weren’t really concerned that the film was showing at Tribeca—the cro-magnon thugs who’d beat up transfolk because of such a film aren’t the sort who attend artsy-fartsy film festivals anyway. No, the bigger worry was that Luna’s film would score a distribution deal at Tribeca, and then become available to anti-trans thugs around the world, something the campaign against the film has ironically guaranteed.

Before the campaign to get it pulled, Tribeca film-goers might have seen the film for what it was (a B-movie slasher) and skipped it, letting it pass into obscurity. Now that everyone’s hearing about the controversy, Tribeca’s inclusion means sold-out screenings and mad press.

Queerty loves ourselves some free speech—both Luna’s right to make the film and the trans-community’s right to speak against it—but both Luna’s film and the outcry against it are problematic.

3) GLAAD HAS PROVED ITSELF TO BE A POOR ARBITER OF TASTE: GLAAD’s right up there with the Human Rights Campaign in its irrelevance. GLAAD accepts money from the very media outlets they’re designed to police (without seeing a problem with it); they frowned on CBS’s anti-gay Super Bowl ad policy without any ultimatum; they snubbed the most important piece of gay cinema in the last year (Kirby Dick’s Outrage) despite the fact that the film met all four of their Media Awards’ criteria; they criticized the South Park “faggot episode” and then withdrew the criticism when it became apparent that no one cared, and many gays disagreed with their black-or-white stance.

Now their campaign to pull TOTWK from Tribeca suggests such a film should never have been made, let alone seen — which is retrogressive.

4) TOTWK COULD URGE THE TRANS-COMMUNITY TO SUPPORT A TRANS-DIRECTOR TO TELL THEIR STORY: Sandeen raises legitimate worries about TOTWK‘s deleterious effects: Luna’s film could create an unflattering portrayal of transfolk as knife-wielding psychopaths (much like Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs and Elliot/Bobbi in the 1982 film Dressed to Kill).

According to Sandeen, Luna’s film comes at a time when we’re finally making progress on trans-inclusion in ENDA, getting more realistic portrayals of trans-people in TV and having real political discussion about real trans-people. Sandeen also worries that if Israel’s film got pulled from Tribeca—which it won’t—that it would deepen divisions between the LGB and T communities. LGB folk would scream “censorship” and suggest that “humorless transfolk” simply get over it. And the T-community—tired of transphobia from their queer counterparts, exclusion, and demonization and ghettoization by the populace at large—would have to band their smaller numbers to fight the problem at the heart of this battle: transfolk only ever get depicted by cisgender men who control queer narrative at the expense of others.

Any LGB person inclined to cry “censorship” or “it’s just a film, get over it,” should remember the gay outcry against the 1980s film Cruising. At the time, the gay community was getting blamed for the AIDS epidemic and being portrayed as leather-kink-psychos with murderous daddy-issues certainly didn’t help. Many New York gays worry that the film would only increase gay bashings. A key difference: Cruising presented homos as the villain, whereas TOTWK presents the transfolk as the vigilante heroes—both criminal deviants, but to different ends.

Maybe his problematic depiction of transfolk will actually crack open the door so that a trans-filmmaker will emerge and create a stronger, less campy representation of trans-issues that will have as much voice and presence, and will receive as much recognition as Luna’s film.

5) HOWEVER, FILMS “FOR US BY US” WON’T SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS OF TRANS-REPRESENTATION There’s also Sandeen’s concern that Luna (who identifies as bisexual) has made an exploitation film and used trans-actors as players in his own transphobic vision:

One of citable problems with many black exploitation films of the ’70’s was that most of the time it wasn’t African-Americans who were writing, directing, and producing the films. Black community was more often than not being defined in those films by film people who weren’t black…. the person who is most responsible for this film apparently doesn’t identify as transgender, so it’s someone outside of trans community who has created a film about another minority group.

Does Sandeen mean that films about minorities can only be made by members from those communities? Of course not. After all, three out of five of TOTWK’s transgender characters self-identify as such and Sandeen has stated that she’d stil have a problem even if a trans-person had made Luna’s film. She’s just implying that a trans writer/producer/director might have been more cautious about using an epithet in the title, and exploiting very real, dead community members to market “a comic thriller.”

6) TOTWK IS A REVENGE FANTASY, NOT A REALISTIC PORTRAYAL OF TRANS-VIOLENCE: In an ill-considered attempt to make his film relevant, Luna propped up his action movie with two horrific instance of real-life transviolence: a clash in tones and a choice in poor taste. He should have let his film’s fictional and cartoonish display of violence stand up on its own instead of aligning it with the real-life horror experienced by our trans brothers and sisters.

I mentioned that one of the transgender characters drives a lime-green stiletto through her attacker’s eye with a dying headbutt—violence played up for gory fun. In contrast, when Boner’s bashing in trans-skulls with an aluminum bat, Luna has made sure that it’s terrifying and not funny. But Gina and Sandeen make a good point—there’s nothing inherently funny about a transwoman actually fighting for her life. Why camp it up with high-heels at all? If Luna really wanted to connect with cis-audiences and empower transfolk, why not portray the life-or-death struggle accurately in a way that would truly everyone understand the true tragedy and horror of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado and Angie Zapata’s deaths?

But it’s obvious that Luna set out to make a Tarrantino-esque horror-slasher fantasy with comic elements (not a serious or “depressing” drama, in his words, like Boys Don’t Cry). He might also suggest that if transfolk want to see a movie with a more realistic depiction of trans-issues, they should make their own movie. Granted this ignores the lack of financing, technical skill, and mainstream viability that an independent trans-created film would face. If Luna had made a revenge version of Boys Don’t Cry, who knows if it would have gotten this much attention or even been elevated to the international stage by being included in Tribeca.

7) BRINGS ISSUES ABOUT TRANS-VIOLENCE AND REPRESENTATION INTO THE MAINSTREAM: Sensationalism sells, and even exploitation films of the 1970s opened the door for American society to discuss deeper issues about minority representation and artistic inclusion. The most important social art has always been met with extreme disagreement and this follows in that vein. By making a deliberately provocative film, Luna has at least gotten people talking about trans violence and clamoring for more balanced portrayals which are sure to follow.

8) THE ENTIRE TRANS COMMUNITY ISN’T AGAINST THE FILM:It’s a mistake to assume that all transfolk agree with Sandeen, Gina, or GLAAD’s assessment that TOTWK is wholly offensive, especially since GLAAD’s the only organization besides Tribeca that has viewed the film in its entirety.

Presumably the trans-actors in Luna’s film think more highly of their work and I’m betting there are probably others transfolk who will find it beneficial instead of insulting. Krystal Summer, who stars in the film, tells Queerty:

I am a transgender woman and one of the lead actors in ‘Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives.’ Our film does not promote hate or violence against transgender women. It is not a documentary, but a work of fiction and a revenge fantasy. I would never partake in a project that made light of the appalling acts of hate that we, as transgender women, encounter nearly every day. I urge you not to judge the film based on a trailer, hearsay or the recent statements from GLAAD, which received a copy of our film in February, and for weeks, supported our filmmakers. In fact, GLAAD representatives advised our film’s producer, director and cast on how to describe our film to our audience. The transgender community is always asking that people not judge us by our exterior and take the time to look deeper– I hope that you will do the same with our film.

* NEVERTHELESS, THE FILM STILL HAS VERY REAL PROBLEMS: But to understand the biggest negative, let’s return to the continued furor over the title. Some consider “trannies” on par with “faggots” or “niggers.” In her post against the film, Gina wrote:

How about this idea Mr. Luna… a campy, trashy film about Matthew Shepard, but played for laughs. You could call it “F*gs Fight Back” and if anyone in the gay community doesn’t like it, explain to them how they have no sense of humor, two of the actors in it are actually gay and you’re just trying to make something to entertain people. Perhaps you should call up Judy Shepard and run it by her. I’m sure she’d appreciate your brand of activism and not feel as if you’re trying to exploit her son’s murder.

The gay or black communities would probably object to films entitled “Faggots with Firebombs” or “Niggaz with Nailbats.” And they should.

While at the SXSW Film Festival, I caught a documentary about the historical depiction of Native Americans in film called Reel Injun. The depiction of Native Americans in film had real political consequences. They weren’t just “action movies,” they shaped the mainstream conception of Native Americans at a time when tribes were still fighting life-and-death battles for their autonomy.

Luna’s film is arguably the most mainstream depiction of transfolk yet and whether his transwomen are heroic vigilantes or not, they’re still just Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives. It’s hardly flattering, and I worry along with Sandeen that its immediate effect will be causing deeper resentment between the LGB and T communities despite his efforts to empower the latter.

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  • Jon

    John Waters lives.

  • Lanjier

    I would love to see this film. I want to see the trans-ams kick some bigot ass. It is a sexploitation film. Very daring, al la Quentin Tarantino. I love that shit.

  • Qjersey

    GLAAD is SAD and so uptight (as are many LGBT people) that they no longer appreciate or understand camp.

    I don’t remember GLAAD getting in an uproar over “Tranny McGuyver” which stars and was written by William Bell one of the leads in TOTWK. Bell also played the trans woman who was bashed on Nip/Tuck for several episodes and I don’t recall GLAAD complaining when that storyline involved a group of trannies bashing back and then pissing all over the basher.

    Anyway, check out Tranny McGuyver for yourselves. They should definitely add her to the upcoming remake/reboot of Police Academy.

  • ousslander

    I would see faggots with firebombs and don’t forget NWA is a seminal rap group

  • Lanjier

    “Faggots with Firebombs” sounds good. Where can I see that one?

  • Jon

    That article was WAY too long for me to read. Could someone summarize what this is about?

  • IzzyLuna

    Daniel…since when did I say I’m bisexual? I mean, it IS correct if you mean “buy me something, I’m sexual.” (at least, that’s what a couple of blogs have been saying about me.) *wink*

    israel luna

    p.s. You enjoyed making up the titles “Faggots with Firebombs” and “Niggaz with Nailbats” didn’t you?

    : )

  • Vincent

    Can someone explain why the term “Trannie’ is being bandied about as being as offensive as the N word or the F word? I don’t see it.

  • jeffree

    Homos with Hacksaws?
    Dykes with Detonating Devices?

  • Travis

    Vincent: talk to a transgendered person about it and maybe that person will be generous enough to school you. Better yet: think REALLY hard about why that might be offensive or oppressive to transgendered people. You might find that you’re not as dense as you appear!

  • Francis in SF

    and yet there was Tranny Shack in San Francisco which was a highly successful gender queer extravaganza! Maybe we could all learn a bit from this film: be ourselves, have fun doing it, and protect oneself and each other from the bashers!

  • Michael

    SO full of good points. One of the best articles I have read on the subject. Thank you!

    I have seen the film and can not wait until June when it will be at the Q Cinima Film Festival in Fort Worth Texas. I have friends that missed the last screening and because of the publicity, we will now have to wait in line to make sure we get tickets because like the first screening, these will sell out fast.

  • mike

    @No. 10 Travis

    Sorry, but I’m with Vincent (No. 8). If “tranny” or “trannie” is soooo offensive, how do you explain San Francisco’s Trannyshack Bar (hear its great fun!), or Or the more than a hundred other bars and websites using “tranny/trannie” in their names reaching out to the trans community?

    And don’t say that it only works if you are a trans, same as “N” or “F” words because that is simply not the case. So far as I could not find any examples of “Faggot Bar”, “Faggot Personals” “Nigger Bar” or “Nigger Personals.”

    Regarding “Ticked-off Trannies with Knives”, well I have know a few and observed quite a few from Beach Blanket Babylon girls to friends of friends who do indeed appear in similar manners as the girls in “Ticked-off”. Are they not too apart of the LGBT – emphasis on T – community? Should they not also be empowered to bash back their bashers?

    Nothing should scare off a homophobic transphobic bigoted rapist-basher than a bashing-back-basher with a really big knife ready to cut the rapist’s balls off and shove them down his hate-filled mouth.

  • Miss Understood

    This is so silly. Until Christian Siriano introduced the term to the masses the only people I heard say the word tranny were trannies and their friends. It does not have a history as a derogatory term, it’s just slang. Some transgender people may not like it but many use it all the time.

  • terrwill

    Is Hasileib paying writers per word now???

  • bruce

    This reminds me of movies like “Lesbian Vampires From Hell” or some such. They’re usually made by sleazy straight guys who don’t give a rat’s about our rights.

  • Curtis Jensen

    Here in SF “Tranny” is used all the time by everyone in the Queer community and it is from a place of respect and power. In fact tonight I am going to a Queer cultural institution Trannyshack (It’s Bowie night!). That “Tranny” is offensive is news to me. Of course I’m one of those queers that likes the word fag and uses it all the time. Blogger Gina and Autumn Sandeen of Pam’s House Blend wouldn’t approve, but I’m guessing that I would find them to be crushing humorless bores.

    GLAAD is off their rockers on this one.

  • Peter

    The hyphenation of LGB-T made me realize that there really isn’t any LGBT community aside from some queer identified people I know, and there’s really only L G and T communities with the B’s hanging out in the straight world for the most part. No judgment on any of these but maybe we should drop the whole LGBT thing. It’s cumbersome and a bit of a myth. Anyone who hung out with a bunch of gays lesbians bi and trans people last Saturday night let me know and let me know if that event wasn’t political or radical or queer.

  • sam

    @Peter: it wasn’t last saturday but last night a bunch of us were having drinks last night…

  • gina

    Hi Daniel… mostly a good essay but I want to clear up a few inaccuracies.
    1) Cruising was from 1979. There was no AIDS crisis then and whatever there was, was in no way connected to gay men. You are incorrect the protest against that film was mostly about it having a gay murderer. I was at some of those protests in San Francisco, and there was much anger about having a straight director/writer creating a highly objectifying and sexualizing story about gay men. About having Hollywood portray the gay community in a sleazy way. And funny, that’s part of what we’re saying about Israel Luna. How about the protests against the ‘comedy’ film “9 Dead Gay Guys” in 2002…” was that censorship? I consider what we’re complaining about isn’t much different than African American’s complaining about Amos and Andy and having mammies on their tv screens. Or Latinos telling Frito… fuck your bandito. Is that censorship too? How about lesbians who made a stink about “Basic Instinct.” And you know what… good for all those people complaining and telling smug executives and filmmakers and advertisers to shove it.

    2) As to “not all the transgender community supports GLAAD”… um, when has EVERYONE in the gay, queer or trans community supported anything? Do you honestly think all gay people support marriage? Or DADT? Anyone who thinks that must have their head stuck in a hole in the ground. The trans community is highly, even absurdly diverse. On my “spectrum” of things… someone who crossdresses twice a year is supposedly transgender and someone who does drag once a week but lives as a gay male 95% of the time is also transgender, as are people who live their entire lives as women. Transgender means squat.

    “Luna’s film is arguably the most mainstream depiction of transfolk yet”…
    Really… just like white people thought Amos and Andy really showed what black people were like? Yes, I would call that argue-worthy.

    I, and the rest of the people protesting the film in no way pretend we’re speaking for all trans people. Capiche? But the film was being sold and characterized as a film from the “transgender” community representing transgender women and is actually listed on the Tribeca schedule as blogger Kate Forbes noted: “as one of 7 “LGBT” interest films in the festival, which seems to suggest that this is one of the best LGBTQ films of the year.” Yes, this film was actually being marketed as a “transgender film” which it isn’t. And we are making it clear that many if not most trans people do not find this film, its advertising, the title or the mixture of violence with trans women being attacked as a part of “entertainment” and “humor” as okay. And if you don’t like our opinion… too fucking bad… IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU.

    Now, as to Curtis, my hip little oh so queer buddy who’s also from San Francisco… I hope you know what an smug-ass appropriating dreary little turd you are. Woo, hoo, I’m going to see drag queens… isn’t THAT outrageous and outre LOL LOL. Wow, Trannyshack… it’s been going on forever and has the same old boring performers. It’s so wild and transgressive… heehee, they put on women’s clothes and act all crazy. It’s never been done before.

    I’m sorry you don’t have enough queer sparkle in your own life that you have to glom onto trans-spectrum people for your cocktail of momentary outrageousness but the reality is… most queer-obsessed people in SF are so fucking, mindlessly, unimaginatively, been-there-done-it dull. God, if you’re this boring now, imagine what you’ll be in another 20-30 years… sitting at the Glass Coffin?

    Curtis gets to use tranny because ‘I’m queer… isn’t that cool.’ You have no idea what the oppressive history of tranny is. Google it and see 30 pages of hits all filled with TRANNY porn filled with images of young trans women who were kicked out of their homes and communities shooting up liquid silicone and dying a few years later or murdered. Those are your trannies. And the women who do drag to make their gay audiences laugh are treated like crap and ignored when they’re out of their drag… which is like, most of their lives. Every seen how old drag queens are treated by the gay community?

    You want to call yourself “fag”… fine. But it’s going to be like it was old school… You don’t get to determine who calls you fag. So the F Market trolley driver gets to say “get in the bus faggot” and the checker at Safeway gets to sneer at you and say “bye faggot” and people get to lean out of trucks and yell “faggot,” and when you go on job interviews, as soon as you start to walk out of the room you hear laughter and someone saying “faggot.” You want to reclaim words that don’t belong to you… well then we all get to call you faggot any old way we like whenever we like… just like you think you’re entitled to call us tranny.

  • Jon

    @gina: Damn Gina, bitter much?

  • missanthrope

    @Jon: What’s a matter, room getting a little too hot for you?

  • Jon

    @missanthrope: No, the room is not too hot. I’m just a lot tired of political correctness and people pulling new causes out of their asses. I’m a gay, part black man and I’m told I can’t say ‘fag’ or ‘nigger’, which actually only makes me say them more just to piss off all of you hippie tree huggers. Now we aren’t supposed to say ‘tranny’? WTF?

    Does GLAAD not realize that making a big deal out of this only makes people want to go see the movie? Is that their point? Are they in bed with the producers of the movie just to make sure it makes money? I would never in a million years ever have heard about this movie were it not for GLAAD and this ridiculous article. Now I really want to see it.

  • TheWarholEffect

    Nice article, comprehensively argued – and you don’t let the filmmaker off easy! As with many representations of queer life Trannies with Knives looks to be ambivalent at best. But hey, I think Cruising is like that too: there is a really delicious scene in that movie where Al Pacino’s character – an undercover cop – is kicked out of the leather bar because he’s dressed in full leathers on “cop night” … classic. You do well in pointing out that we need to see movies before we denounce them… keep ’em coming!

  • missanthrope

    “I’m just a lot tired of political correctness and people pulling new causes out of their asses.”

    We’re not talking about trends or new bandwagon causes, this is my life and the lives of trans people who experience violence. Can you at least respect that and not make it about you andyour anger about “political correctness” (whatever that is)?

    “I’m a gay, part black man and I’m told I can’t say ‘fag’ or ‘nigger'”

    Those are slurs that aren’t used against me (well, fag is but that’s beyond the fact) so if you use them or not is your decision.

    “which actually only makes me say them more just to piss off all of you hippie tree huggers.”

    Well, aren’t you just a big badass now. I’m sure you just strut around like the cock of the walk. Like you weren’t saying those things before, so whatever.

    “Now we aren’t supposed to say ‘tranny’? WTF?”


    “Does GLAAD not realize that making a big deal out of this only makes people want to go see the movie? Is that their point?”

    Their point is to call out defimation and bullshit slurs against lgbt people, even if comes from other lgbt people.

    “Now I really want to see it.”

    I’m sorry you have such a poor character, it must be hard dealing with that.

  • Diario


    I totally agree with you. It is time to end LGBT. I doesn’t describe me. It never did and it never will. I am sick of it. It is pretty offensive to tell gay men that they are in the same category as men who identify themselves as women, or people who were born with two sets of genitals. Nothing against those people, but it is not who I am and I don’t like anyone telling me otherwise.

    As far as the movie goes, it didn’t look like anything that would interest me, but now that these dictators are trying to shut it down, I will definitely make a point of going to see it esp. since I live about a mile from Tribeca. I drag my bf and we will make a point of telling the Film Festival folks that we are gay and that we completely support their standing up to a bunch of schoolyard bullies.

  • Zoe Brain

    @Diario – you know, you’re conforming to every bad stereotype of the misogynist, spiteful faggot that AFTAH and its ilk purvey as the “typical homosexual”. No, probably you don’t know.

    But if you think that a film about deceptive gays in wigs and dresses – for that’s what 3 of the actors are – who trick straight men into having sex and then kill them when they object is going to be good for the Gay (no icky lesbians or tranny freaks) cause, I think you’re mistaken.

    It’s not as if there are dozens of realistic portrayals of trans women out there. Some will see this as a docudrama, based on fact. After all, the trailer exploits two deaths.

    I wonder if I ever end up on a morgue slab, if someone will make use of my name to sell their B grade slasher flick?

  • tikihead

    From the last sentence:

    “…It’s hardly flattering, and I worry along with Sandeen that its immediate effect will be causing deeper resentment between the LGB and T communities despite HIS efforts to empower the latter.”

    His should be her.

    I believe Autumn prefers female pronouns. Just a nitpick.

  • Joe Clark

    An artist has no responsibility to the general public, and even less to militant interest groups and axe-grinding armchair quarterbacks, not that any of them could actually catch a football.

  • Peter

    I did not like the idea of “BRUNO” and lots of you wanted it. I I do not think that films like Bruno or Ticked off Trannies are good for the GLBT cause, when viewed by the public. However, I have to admit, I would love to see “Ticked off trannies with Knives” because we have several like this here in DC who are always getting into street fights with their “Johns” ,and they are like comidennes when they get interviewed for the news.

  • Daniel

    @tikihead: HIS refers to Israel Luna, not Autumn.

    Thanks to everyone, especially Gina, for the good conversation. I am learning a lot through this as well.

  • laughriotgirl

    Still no comment from Luna as to why he thought it was OK to use the recent murders of two very young trans girls to make his buck. Still no word why he thinks it’s OK to make a “gay revenge” film using trans women as the “edgy hook”. No comment as to how he can think playing into the deceptive trans-predator is at all helpful. No comment as to why he thinks it’s OK to essentially tell us that we have to simply accept being called trannies.

  • Lincoln Rose

    I’m still cheesed off that GLAAD finds it righteous to do this, but refuses to call the Advocate out for several articles I have sent to them that are truly horrible written when it comes to trans issues.

    Is training the Advocate in ways to better cover trans issues not as sexy as hitting up a film festival?

  • Michael

    I dont think he needs to comment on it. Other people are speaking volumes for him. His movie will make a bigger splash at film festivals, yes more then one, Q Cinima in Fort Worth as already excepted it into there festival to let the public make up there own mind. I think the film speaks for itself. It is a movie, I dont take every movie I watch seriously. I think alot of people like to complain and with that hobby will find something negative in everything they see so they can do such hobby. I was at Starbucks and the woman infront of me said they charged her to much. He guy told her you wanted an extra shot of espresso. Her response, “If I were white you wouldnt charge me.” No point except she saw an avenue to complain. Same thing here. Boycotts, petitions and articles in the New York Times will make ticket to the screenings hard to come by. You couldnt buy this kind of publicity. The only thing Mr Luna needs to do is send a fruit basket to the protestors thanking them for making this movie that might of been swept under the rug after Tribecca to being highly sought after for other festivals and I am sure now will get backing for DVD release. Thanks.

  • missanthrope

    “An artist has no responsibility to the general public, and even less to militant interest groups and axe-grinding armchair quarterbacks, not that any of them could actually catch a football.”

    You’re right, normally that is true. But this artist is claiming to represent the interests of the gay community and trans women, when you claim to represent the same people you screw over then you’re going to get slammed for it. Misrepresenting people, even in art, is unethical lying.

    That responsibility comes from with the package of being an artist too. Being an artist is more about than saying anything you want without any responsibility. In most places doing that is called being a child and if an artist an artist who never grows beyond what i call the “freshman in art school” mentality is only going to meet failure in the real world.

    Oh yeah, and Im’ an artist myself. go catch your own football.

  • Michael

    Why does he have to represent anything? Why cant a director direct a movie and that is all? And people keep using the word Misrepresent like there is only one way to describe every group. You give me a particular group stereotype and I am sure we could provied you with a hundred people who define and a hundred that are far from it. Where did Luna say he was representing the interests of the gay community by making this film? AND just because the type people in the film do not reflect your inner circle does not mean that they dont in mine. I have friends in my “family” who are LGB and T and straight. And some of them walk talk and act just like the people in the film. If you mess with one of us, you can be assured that the messing comes back. The movie trailor didnt say A Luna film summing up every LGBT community. The gospel when it comes to the serious issues. It started off with a title to tell anyone who sees it in print that this is not to be taken serious, it is a movie and nothing else. I didnt want to make bombs after seeing the Hurt Locker, didnt want to become a vampire after seeing twilight and didnt want to beat up overweight AA girls after seeing precious. Cant a movie just be something to watch then go on about your day?

  • missanthrope

    “Why does he have to represent anything? …..the movie trailor didnt say A Luna film summing up every LGBT community?…….”

    “I hope these hot, fierce trannies understand where I’m coming from cause I love them all and will continue putting them in all of my projects to show the whole world how they’re just like everyone else. …..Who’s now the most under-represented and misunderstood? The trans community. And now with all the new rights [issues] coming up and murders [against transgender people] happening, that’s what I wanted to do. Everyone says I have the corner on the market with the drag queens and the transgender women here in Dallas because I have them in all of my projects. I just have this fascination and love [for them].”

    -quote for Luna Israel (Dallas Voice, Jan ’09 and 3/25/09)

    Luna Israel doesn’t speak for me or most other trans people but he assumes that making trans-misogynistic portrayals of trans woemen to be his right. That’s why I don’t like the film. People opposed to the film aren’t the Fourth Reich, but we’re going to make sure our voices are heard.

  • Zoe Brain

    Lessons from the film:

    Trannies are gay men in wigs and dresses, that caricature women and trick straight men into having sex with them.

    If as a straight man you get tricked this way, make sure that you finish “it” off, as they’re also homicidal maniacs. You can’t afford to let them live, if you react with natural anger

    And whatever you do, don’t let such homicidal lying perverts into female restrooms. Who knows what they might do?

    This is how trannies really are – even members of the Homosexual Agenda admit it. Why, this is really a docudrama, as it mentions real events in the trailer.

    Now those may not be the lessons the filmmaker intended, though given his past statements and complete disregard of GLAAD’s recommendations before release, there’s a good case that they were intentional. But whether they are or not, AFTAH an FOTF will have a field day with this one. It’s propaganda even they dared not make.

  • Michael

    “disregard of GLAAD’s recommendations before release”

    They didnt disregard a thing, GLAAD supported them until the “protests and boycotts” started then acted as if they knew nothing about it. Go back and read #1 above, Go ahead, ill wait……

    He may not be speaking for you(and dont say and most others as if it were fact), but to others he is. And you have the right to have your voice heard, as do I and the many supporters of Independant film.

    “Thats why I dont like the film”. You dont like the trailor. Have you seen the film? He was not playing master and slave to the pour transgendered to use as a public specitcal. They were hired as actors to play a role in a movie. The Dallas GLBT (where the movie was filmed) fully supported the production of the film. The scenes were shot in local bars, homes etc.

    You quote Luna saying how he is a fan, and has fascination and love for transgendered/drag community and uses trans people in all of his productions. So you dont like the fact that he gives PAID jobs to trans people? That local GLBT businesses were PAID for use of there venues for filming? That GLBT makeup artists, hair dressers were PAID for working? With all the talk about how trans people are treated in the workplace you condem a boss that pays them to work? Should I stand outside your house to boycott you going to work because you dont like that Luna PAID trans people to do a job? See, its easy to spin a situation to support your cause. And thats what I think people do, read to much into everything until they get a negative to spread hate.


    “Trannies are gay men in wigs and dresses, that caricature women and trick straight men into having sex with them.”

    Toeing a fine line here, but isnt that what Angie Zapata did? She set up a profile as a female looking for a straight man and when they met it turned very very bad? (not supporting his actions at all!) Correct me if I am wrong.

    I do know trans people who have worked in strip clubs, went out on dates with straight men knowing that they were trying to trick them. SO maybe there needs to be more education on how trans people need to treat the world not just how the world needs to treat the trans community?

    And to me, the mentioning of the real events in the beginning was more to say and now what you are about to see is the storey we are telling. After the opening, nothing else refurs to it. Its all a made up movie. Like not every drag queen is like To WOng Fu. (technicaly, they stayed as women 24/7 so they werent drag queens, they were trans). Did that get protested?

    In the end, it is just a movie.

  • Zoe Brain

    She set up a profile as a female looking for a straight man and when they met it turned very very bad? (not supporting his actions at all!) Correct me if I am wrong.

    All the witnesses said that Angie was quite open about her status. The site she was on was a bisexual site. And she had a court appearance, which her killer attended, where her birth name was used.

    That was 36 hours before he beat her to death as she lay asleep (from the forensic evidence) and took everything that wasn’t nailed down – cash, jewelry, credit cards, car, even her cellphone.

    The only evidence of sexual activity was a vibrator which the killer had stuck up his ass at some time.

    It was that – the proof that he’d known for 36 hours, the fact that he was cruising a bisexual site, and of course the vibrator with his – and only his – DNA on it that caused his story about Trans Panic not to be bought by the Jury.

    So yes, consider yourself corrected. Feel free to ask me for URLs on this. The fact that these events were not publicised, that the “deceptive tranny got what she, sorry, he deserved” meme is still out there us fairly typical. The facts didn’t fit the lede, so had to be, if not supressed, at least de-emphasised.

  • Zoe Brain

    Michael – I can’t blame you for not knowing this. You politely asked for correction if needed. On re-reading my reply, it didn’t have the tone I wanted, too harsh by far. And while you aren’t propagating the “IT got what IT deserved” meme, plenty of others are. Films like this one make that inevitable.

    The problem is that “Transgender” is too broad. A good analogy would be simpering, swishing lavender-suited hairdressers, the kind who think the “queer eye for a straight guy” team are FAR too Butch being taken as the one and only stereotype gays are portrayed as in movies

    Not so long ago, that was the case. Of course, back then, coloured folks had separate drinking fountains in some states. Gays have come a long way… trans people, and trans women in particular, not so much.

  • DR

    @Zoe Brain:

    “@Diario – you know, you’re conforming to every bad stereotype of the misogynist, spiteful faggot that AFTAH and its ilk purvey as the “typical homosexual”. No, probably you don’t know.”

    Spare us the grad school cultural and queer studies analysis, Zoe. I’ve been out for 20 years now. I’ve been hearing this since I was 18, and I’m over it.

    Not all of us buy into the PC agenda that we’re all one big “non-heteronormative family”. The more we do that, the less of a real identity we have. What you’re seeing from people like Peter and Diario and many other men is that we want to reclaim our identities as gay MEN. And the fact you insult that only confirms to me that you’re more concerned with forcing an agenda on the rest of us than really acknowledging that a gay man really doesn’t have a whole lot in common with a man who thinks he’s a woman. GID =/= sexual orientation, whether you like it or not.

    Call us misogynists, call us transphobic, call us whatever you want, but that doesn’t make you right. You want equal rights? Great, that’s cool. But maybe it’s time to recognize that not all of us identify as “queer” and deal with it instead of trying to force us into a big giant community with NO identity.

  • Lanjier

    I want a gayspoitaion film. Emos with Ergot, or something. Two gay goth boys get pummeled in the locker room and are near death. In the hospital they are delivered back into the living by a middle-eastern Genie named Pinquah after they rub the magic lantern given to them by a kind Haitian hospital worker. They are renewed gym bunnies, like if Adam Lambert had testosterone.

    THEN THEY GO ON A RAUCOUS RAMPAGE OF REVENGE! With the magic power of ergot, they ensnarl their attackers with a spell of gay conversion and choking.

  • Michael

    Thank you Zoe. I googled her after reading the blogs and found alittle about the trial and not much on what lead up to there needing to be a trial.

  • Kate

    “Not all of us buy into the PC agenda that we’re all one big “non-heteronormative family”. The more we do that, the less of a real identity we have. What you’re seeing from people like Peter and Diario and many other men is that we want to reclaim our identities as gay MEN. And the fact you insult that only confirms to me that you’re more concerned with forcing an agenda on the rest of us than really acknowledging that a gay man really doesn’t have a whole lot in common with a man who thinks he’s a woman. GID =/= sexual orientation, whether you like it or not.”

    you would then support the argument that the gay man who made this film was ill suited to speak to the exeriences of people he has nothing in common with. You can then see how the depictions in the film are false and offensive. And you would argue against the filmaker associating gay men with those you have nothing in common with?

    BTW – if you need to reclaim something – you’re stating your manhood was in question. Is it in question when your associated with lesbians? You can be part of a larger community and still be distinct. Lesbians and bisexuals are quite certain that they’re not gay men.

  • Kate

    Hmm…when reading DR & the commenters here & elsewhere, it’s really jumping out at me that almost all of them are gay men and trans women. Many gay men saying they’re not trans – but yet feel some connection to the depictions in the film. And object to trans women not feeling a connection to the film – but a revulsion to them. So – we’re not like that – and you shouldn’t be allowed to say …..that you’re not like that.

    I’d love to see the author explore that dynamic. And interview some lesbians on their impressions on the depictions in the film & how they view trans women’s respnses to what they see as offensive stereotypes & the commodification of our martyrs. It might be interesting.

  • declanto

    All this about tags, re: fag, niggah, trannie… am I the only person left who still gets the creeps when the Queer word is loosed? When I first saw this Queerty site I was totally aghast that anyone could think of using it in a humorous way. C’mon, loosen up! I did, and it’s lots more fun than being affronted/insulted.

  • gina


    I remember witnessing an intense scene in the Castro about 1995-6 (?) where an older gay man in his 50s or 60s was in a big heated argument with two younger gay guys in their 20s about their using the term queer. They were totally laughing at him because he was upset about it. He was yelling back at them how he had been attacked (and pointed at the scar and dent in his head where his skull had been cracked) by someone who had bashed his head while screaming queer at him. Their reaction was pretty much, “well, that’s not our problem.”

    Nothing like a community with no sense of history nor respect for what people have gone through. But then, Americans are like that.

  • aalan brickman

    Now everybody will go to see it….It’s like banning “Inglorius Bastards” cause germans don’t like it….Glaad needs to grow a life….

  • DR


    I would say that “no” he was not unqualified because from reading what the actors in the film had to say, he was open to suggestions. I have seen interviews with the transsexuals starring in this film, and I cannot imagine any of them would have signed on had they felt as though they were being put into a box they didn’t like.

    To address your second question/comment…I do feel at least some camaraderie with lesbians and bisexuals because we are dealing with the same issue, that being sexual orientation. We are dealing with similar legal, cultural and social issues. Transsexual legal and social and psychological issues are quite distinct from those of GLBs.

    I know people like to reduce all of this to some forced and common bond, but I disagree with that attempt. If there’s one thing I really dislike, it’s this forced sense of community which makes us all some sort of “sexual outlaw”, to borrow a phrase a transgendered from another board I used to post on would use.

    And to refer to people who don’t buy into this post-modern paradigm as “misogynists” and “spiteful” (and in some cases, “transphobic”) is, quite frankly, off the mark. Diario and Michael are saying what a lot of gay men feel, which is that we simply have nothing in common with men who believe they are women and women who believe they are men.

  • Kate

    “I cannot imagine any of them would have signed on had they felt as though they were being put into a box they didn’t like.”

    Stepin Fetchit was really black. Many gay men played very homophobic characters. Many women played characters are quite offensive to women. Your point is lost on me.

    Though – it should be noted that this isn’t a case of trans women producing something we could find offensive. It’s more like a straight guy producing a film you would find offensive and casting a few gay men in it – but – casting the lead as a straight guy who plays a hyperswishy caricature. It’s hard to see how you might find that more comforting or acceptable. But – you’re welcome to enlighten me on the subject.

    “If there’s one thing I really dislike, it’s this forced sense of community which makes us all some sort of “sexual outlaw”, to borrow a phrase a transgendered from another board I used to post on would use.”

    Sexual Outlaw was a term coined by gay writer John Rechy – it was the name of both a nonfiction book & documentary by him – if memory serves. Perhaps you can bring your concerns up with gay men over this phrase?

    “And to refer to people who don’t buy into this post-modern paradigm as “misogynists” and “spiteful” (and in some cases, “transphobic”) is, quite frankly, off the mark.”

    Post-moderm? Strange that your always cowering over that boogeyman hiding under your bed. Let me hold your hand and gently assure you – there is no boogeyman under there – he’s just in your mind. Trans people, gay people and yes – even misogyny – existed long before that theory and artistic movement. And will long after. We weren’t made by the penning of some obscure literary tract. Indeed – you’d be hard pressed to name any such a tract or major figure in that movement who were trans. Though quite a lot of them have been ……gay men.

    Odd how such a academic theory that had its heyday – what – in the early 80’s? seems to inform your understanding of both trans people, misogyny women. Perhaps you can explain it more. I just don’t get it.

    But – as far as any kinship with trans people & yourself. Many lesbians. straight & bi women have a different take on it than you – seeing sexism as a key issue in their lives, their orienations and also – in the basis of homophobia. But – if you really seek to break the association between gay men & trans people (though you do seem fixated on solely trans women) – you couldn’t serve your cause moor poorly than your contant posting on trans issues – it only serves to strengthen that association.

    In this particular case – you say “gay & trans are not associated” – this is a story of trans women talking about how they are portrayed. And yet – here you are. Trying to tell us how we should feel about how we’re portrayed and doing so in your role as a gay man. Seems like either you looking for failure or have some internal associations you might benefit from exploring more deeply.

  • REBELComx

    @Michael: “I didnt want to make bombs after seeing the Hurt Locker, didnt want to become a vampire after seeing twilight and didnt want to beat up overweight AA girls after seeing precious.”

    I actually wanted to make bombs after seeing Twilight…

  • WiseUp

    I thought most trannies carry boxcutters, anyway.

  • Missanthrope

    “What you’re seeing from people like Peter and Diario and many other men is that we want to reclaim our identities as gay MEN”

    Lolz, wut? Nobody’s questioning your identities as gay men. Trans people, espcially trans women have to interest in disempowering the gay male community in some weird fashion. However, in this case Luna has to check his privilege and not try to speak for trans people.

  • DR


    I notice that you failed to address the difference in legal, social and psychological issues. Interesting that in your attempts to answer my post you engaged in sarcasm, but not much substance. Interesting that you resort to comments about needing to “explore my issues” in response. Silly rabbit. *rolls eyes*

  • Zoe Brain


    DR, I’m truly sorry that you feel so defensive about your manhood. That’s usually not the case of someone unreasonably insecure, but a natural, healthy reaction to constant unremitting attack on it just because you’re Gay. It’s a common misconception amongst the ignorant that “Gays want to be women” when nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t understand men, not even gay men, but even I understand that.

    Just like it’s a common misconception amongst the ignorant that Transsexual women are “men who want to be women”. They’re actually women who want to be women. That can be tricky if they look terribly masculine. And of course, Drag Queens are often just Gays who like parodying the femininity they find unattractive.

    As for “grad school cultural and queer studies analysis”, well, I *am* in grad school. Doing a PhD. But it’s in computer science, not arts, and I’m neither gay nor trans. So my attitude towards “queer theory” is one of tolerant amusement, mixed with total incomprehension.

    You can’t have an alliance if the parties are identical. The one thing that binds us together in an unlikely partnership is commonality of interest. If Gays allow trans people to be persecuted without demur, they’re next on the list. Look at that school in Mississippi – first they drive out a trans kid, then they’re emboldened enough to start on the lesbians.

    I don’t have too many difficulties myself – I look so boringly vanilla and unattractive. Too normal. And I’m cisgendered too, as far away from gender-bending as it’s possible to be. But my mere existence doesn’t just challenge, it shatters the whole binary model of sex. Dichogamous pseudohermaphrodites – those born looking like one sex, but who naturally change to look like the other, cause cranial implosions to both fundies and queer theorists alike.

  • declanto

    In retrospect, “Queer” just about covers the commonality of the GBLT alliance. We all stand outside the pale of “normal” society. During the civil rights movement when there was common cause with the black and homosexual communities, it was a given understanding that “I cannot be free if You are not”. Alliances are like sandwiches, the best and tastiest are always the messiest to eat.Yes, I am queer, even more so, I am an ancient queer.
    Still, I figure I have the time and I’m patiently waiting to see TOTWK in 3-D Imax.

  • jason

    Context is everything. In the current context of few, if any, positive representations of transgender folk, it’s not exactly transgender-friendly to have a movie depicting transgenders as vengeful, knife-wielding psycho’s.

    As I said, context is everything. When Cruising was released in 1980, there was little, if anything, in the way of positive representations of gay men. The gay community rightly criticized the movie as being a skewed representation of gay people.

  • hardmannyc

    Lanjier: There is such a film. I think it’s called Skull and Bones, about two gay punks living in New Haven who torture and kill preppie Yalies. It’s kind of fun, in a sick way.

    Since when is “trannies” an insult? It’s like “fag hag” or “queer” – endearing. The transsexuals I know use it all the time. Funny GLAAD and all the people bitching here didn’t go after Tranny Shack, a party in NYC produced by and for, um, trannies.

  • doubter

    @Jon: take some adderall…

  • romeo

    I think there is a bit of confusion here. From the pictures, these “ladies” don’t look like transgendered at all. We’re talking about DRAG QUEENS here, guys! Totally different thing. It’s satire. Transexuals want to BE women, drags want to make a snarky comment on femininity. That’s why they go out of their way to be grotesque and unsexy. This stuff looks like it belongs back in the “Pink Flamingo” days.

  • hardmannyc

    ^^^ I’d say the difference is a drag queen dresses as a woman only part-time, while a trans is dedicated to a different gender presentation. And what’s so dated about drag queens??

  • Kate

    “No. 63 · romeo
    I think there is a bit of confusion here. From the pictures, these “ladies” don’t look like transgendered at all.”

    Luna ha stated that the film is about transsexuals. That you can articulate a difference between women with a trans history and recognize that Luna’s depiction is a snarky insulting depiction of our identities shows it’s not a concept that’s so terribly obscure.

    He just thinks it’s his right as a gay man to make money off of insulting us. Kinda like Ann Coulter feels it’s her right to make money with insulting depictions of gay men & minorities.

    Hmm.. I’ve never seen the two in the same place at the same…..nah – Luna’s way too short.

  • Kate

    @DR: I didn’t say explore your issues – I said explore why you continue to act as if there are associations between your gayness and trans women. Why you feel entitled to instruct us in what we should find offensive? Youspeak as if you have some priveledged position to have knowledge about who we are – yet – at the same time you strongly resnet even being seen as in any way related to you.

    It’s kinda odd. I don’t get it. Explain it to me and then I’ll get to your questions. Seems fair as I asked first & you ducked it.

  • Kate

    “Gay Director Israel Luna Is Sick of Bashing Victims Sucking It Up. So He Made a Movie Where They Stab Their Attackers To Death”

    It’s rather like Daniel assuming that Luna’s being gay gives him some sort of special credibility or insight on our souls. How exactly? I can buy that some gay men might have some special insight into the lives of drag queens – but – trans women? Not so much.

    Unless you think I’m highly qualified to be an expert on gay men’s lives? I don’t think you want to invest me with that responsibility. I’d likely screw up big time. But – if queerty wants to give me a column to talk about what gay men really are like – I’m game.

    To be honest – if queerty assigned these articles to a trans oman or a cisgender woman – I really do think the outcome would have been vastly different. In a conflict between a gay man & trans women – it’s hard for a gay guy to really understand the issues. Which at it’s base come down to misogyny, trans misogyny and agency within a community.

  • gina

    Israel Luna clearly stated in the 1/26/09 editions of the Dallas Voice blog “Instant Tea,” in talking about the word tranny, “but mainly…it’s short for transexual.”

    Tt no point are the 5 main characters shown in male presentation which suggests (in cinematic time) the film is attempting to portray people who live as women 24/7. These are supposed to be transgender women or transsexuals, not part-time male performers who do drag.

  • terrwill

    DISGUSTING NEWS: The Father of a dead soldier must pay the legal expenses of that inbred bunch of scumbags from Kentucky who protest Gay and soldiers funerals:…..17614.html

  • Kate

    How Not To Write A Gay Story

    CW News Channel WPIX offers up today’s case study in how not to cover LGBT issues in a piece titled “Tranny Teens Terrorizing Downtown Girls”. While the author Steve Bogart gets big points for his ability to alliterate, by every other measure, he comes off like a racist, homophobic bigot. Here’s how.
    Bogart writes:
    “Police say a roving pack of transvestite teens has been targeting females living in a tony West Village building. According to authorities, the trannys would steal the women’s purses and use their stolen credit cards to buy wigs and new clothes.”
    There’s not a single thing right with this paragraph. Transvestites are not transsexuals and nobody should be calling them ‘trannies’ and even then, if you’re going to use a derogatory term, you might as well spell it right.

    Read more:


    I know nothing about trannies therefore I must be silent on this one.

  • Pooftie MaGoo

    I’ve been trying, for quite a few years now, to educate myself on T issues since I am one of those intersex freaks who has managed to survive as a gay man for about 50 years now.

    Frankly, it’s becoming more and more difficult but there are signs of hope! Autumn Sandeen and blog postings like this one help a lot. If you go to the T sites though, be forewarned! The T wars are longstanding, vicious, and rhetorically bloody. There is the long running battle between the “classic transexuals” and everyone else. There are the vicious exchanges between the cross dressers, the drag queens/kings, the transgenders, the intersexed, and every other segment of the group.

    In an effort to lighten the mood, let’s play the T drinking game!

    Every time a T person writes a very, v e r y, long answer to a short comment, take a drink!

    Every time a T person posts a screed with the words “privilege, misogynist, power” or any of the rest of the academic terms and isms appropriated from feminism 101 (by both the queer theorists and the T theorists), purporting to “educate” the ignorant gay men, take a drink!

    Every time a T person posts a comment using false equivalency saying “This is just like what gay men did 30 years ago!” , take a drink!

    Every time a T person engages in blatant hypocrisy by railing on about how no one who is not T has a “right” to represent, speak for, talk about, talk to, think about, conjecture, or otherwise engage in T issues since they aren’t T, while simultaneously derogating the existence of those who aren’t truly T (drag queens, gender benders, transvestites, the list gets ever larger), take a drink!

    Every time a T person blathers on and on and on about how they are ignored, disrespected, abandoned, neglected, hated, disregarded, or otherwise marginalized by the LGB alphabet soup while simultaneously engaging in threats, exposes of web addresses, personal ads on hookup sites, snip quotes of comments posted elsewhere or lost in time, name-calling, insulting, self-righteous indignation, take a drink!

    Every time a T person posts a lament about how they are unhappy with the self-chosen names or descriptors, portrayals, interviews, newscasts, articles, blog posts, pictures, movies, etc. with actual T people who they feel don’t present the most positive, theory-backing, normal representation possible, take a drink!

    You’ll be drunk within minutes, I guarantee!

    When the T people actually talk respectfully to equals as equals about the very real issues of one third of T people commit suicide, that T people are subject to extreme violence and in danger most of the time, the difficulties T people in obtaining and maintaining employment outside the entertainment and sex industries, the loss of family and friends and the price of dealing with being a T person, etc. you can really learn a lot, develop some empathy, and become impassioned to work together to make a difference.

    There are T people out there who do that, blog commenters not withstanding. I, as a member of the T spectrum, urge you seek these people out. You will not be sorry!

  • FoolMe1


    Trannys get back on stage and stop talking about things that matter to you, unless it stuff I wanna hear/agree with/ can get political mileage out of.

  • Pooftie MaGoo

    @FoolMe1: You are showing your privilege and disempowering when you attempt to name and disparage gay men who don’t perform on stage.

  • FoolMe1

    @Pooftie – sorry yer “zing” falls flat and doesn’t work. Keep reading trans blogs, maybe you’ll be drunk enough to be funny

  • Pooftie MaGoo

    FoolMe1, you don’t fool anyone but yourself, as most of the sad, overblown blog commenters from the T community who like to be obnoxious and rude and then whine about being excluded. Sad for you. I’m still laughing, myself.

  • missanthrope

    Pooftie, looks like you’ve been reading a lot from derailing for dummies. Have fun getting drunk, maybe only then you’ll experience this alternative universe we’re you’re so set upon and discriminated by those vicious trans-folks on the internet and where your tone policing is legitimate.

  • Pooftie MaGoo


    No, I’ve been reading a lot of trans blogs and the comments left by some trans activists on other LGBT blogs for a long time.

    I am trans. Have been for decades.

    The emotional immaturity and downright rudeness of many commenters doesn’t do me or them or anyone else any good. I see it over and over. The T commenters descend on a thread like locusts, bashing everyone who asks a question or dares to speak directly to them. They certainly have a right to vent but being hostile as a basic stance approach does little to educate, change, help, or further any cause. It just alienates. Lowering yourself to the level of your detractors just puts you both in the mud together.

    I appreciate polite, mature, reasonable commenters who try to engage others with civility. Instead I see many, many commenters who flame anyone who comes within typing distance and then they start posting comments congratulating themselves and each other on how they successfully destroyed another person. That may feel good for a few moments but it seems to be addictive for some and it produces nothing worthwhile, just a momentary release from one’s personal anger.

    You call it “tone-policing”. I call it civility, maturity, respectfulness. And I agree to disagree with you. Will you allow me the same?

  • Kate

    @Pooftie MaGoo:

    Your brevity is inspiring.

  • harvey

    first off – way too many of you are taking this too seriously. as a person of color i’m not a tyler perry fan, but as an artist i respect his place at the table. my only complaint would be balance. if luna makes this film, then let there be others that provide a different perspective. the rhetoric i’m reading is the political stuff that distances straight folk from helping the causes of lgbtq people (and for the record i agree with the person who does not like THAT label) because it implies that only those from within can even begin to understand/appreciate/empathize with a particular group. do i have be jewish to appreciate the holocaust and films like schindler’s list? do i have to be a gay man with hiv to appreciate philadelphia? if art (in this case film) cannot reach beyond the community it represents that to me THAT is selfish…

    and by the way, to be considered a film of interest to the lgbt community is not the same thing as saying it’s one of the best lgbt films, nor did i interpret luna’s quote claiming speaking on behalf of the trans community. what i read was a statement that spoke of admiration and genuine affection for a group of people in his native dallas.

  • FoolMe1

    “I worry along with Sandeen that its immediate effect will be causing deeper resentment between the LGB and T communities despite his efforts to empower the latter.”

    Based on the comments here and JMG etc. – done, done and.. done thanks bunchies. BTW can we have our stuff back?

  • Pooftie MaGoo


    You are incapable of answering a single charge I make so you resort to juvenile humor. Sad for you.

  • Ruadhán Jarleth McElroy

    @Zoe Brain: That’s not what the film is about, and honestly, I’m already at a point where I’ve just seen too much back-and-forth sniping between people on the transgender spectra about how one faction is somehow always “misrepresenting” another or vice-versa. There’s a pretty sizeable chunk of TG women (and I say this because that’s how they identify themselves) who do drag nights and look and act just like the TG women in this film. There is no single version of the TS/TG existence. If one sub-set gets to be represented, then so do the rest.

    Please don’t forget that there are **Transgender women** who loved this film:

    Denigrating the TG woman-identified fans of this film as “men in dresses” is hateful — it’s you saying “look at me, I’m NORMAL — but *that* over *there* is abhorrent, make it go away”. You’re filled with so much hate over TS/TG persons who live differently from you. That’s the real tragedy here.

    If the TS community is going to use TG as an umbrella term, than the TS community needs to accept that a wide variety of gender-variant individuals are going to use the term to self-describe.

  • Chris

    I love Erica, Kelexis, and Krystal!!!! Can’t wait to see the movie….those TRANNIES are FIERCE!!!! (and sweet to boots!)

    GLAAD needs to stop being so, in the words of Erica Andrews, “Shady the house down, boots!”

  • Chris

    @gina: I have happened to meet 3 of these girls from this movie, on numerous occasions! As a matter of fact, 2 of them DO live as women 24/7…They perform because it is fun….hell 3 of my really good friends are also TRANNIES who live as women 24/7 AND they do drag!!! so guess what…stop making assumptions about people you do not know….this movie is meant to be comedic relief to a growing issue…trans bashing. MY HAT IS OFF TO YOU TRANNIES IN THE MOVIE!!! ERICA, KRYSTAL, AND KELEXIS…SEE YOU GIRLS NEXT SUMMER!!! LOVE YA GIRLS!!!

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