A star is born

83 y/o minister makes adult film debut in scene featuring Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills

“At 83 years old, I’m having the best sex of my life,” says Norm Self at the top of his adult film debut on Davey Wavey’s Himeros.TV.

Norm is a ‘Sacred Intimate’ at Moon Hearth Ministry — a “practitioner of transformational healing via the body” and erotic education.

While the premise is sensational (not to mention sensual), Norm’s message, cut together with a scene featuring Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills, is one that’s worth hearing.

“Even though our culture places an emphasis on smooth skin and youth,” Davey writes in an accompanying blog post, “our elders are valuable human beings with tremendous gifts including wisdom, experience and yes, beauty.”

Check out a safe-for-work preview featuring an interview with Norm below (you can fine a work un-friendly preview, as well as the full video, here):