9 Lingering Questions From the George Alan Rekers/Jo-Vanni Roman Prostitute Saga

How did Rekers find Roman? Rekers says he wasn’t trolling Rentboy.com, but so far that’s the only site we know Roman to be advertising his services on. Instead, Rekers says he asked around to colleagues to receive referrals about skilled travel companions/”luggage lifters,” and that’s how he got Roman’s name. Which means Rekers is either lying, or one of his anti-gay cohorts has also hired Roman for travel engagements. In which case: There are more like Rekers out there. Let’s find them.

Why didn’t Rekers go beyond erotic massages? While Rekers insists there was nothing sexual between the two, Roman says they engaged in massages, during which Rekers was erect — sensible, since Roman says he focused on caressing Rekers and playing with his anus during the sessions. But if Rekers is indeed gay, and has this young cutie all to himself, why didn’t things go further?

Will Rekers continue his attacks on gays? Despite Rekers’ denials, everyone is already distancing themselves from Rekers. NARTH is “attempting to understand” the Rekers saga. The University of South Carolina wiped Rekers from its faculty pages. Even the Family Research Council, which Rekers helped co-found with James Dobson in the 80s, is saying it “has had no contact with Dr. Rekers or knowledge of his activities in over a decade.” Friends sure disappear fast amidst a gay sex scandal. But will Rekers’ platform? You really only need a website and an email address to be called an anti-gay activist, and Rekers still has those things. But who can take seriously a guy preaching against the gays who spent a 10-day trip to Spain and the UK with a male escort?

Is there a sex tape? While the only photos of Rekers and Roman together, so far, come from the Miami New Times‘ photographer that caught them at the airport, we can’t help but wonder whether there are cell phone pictures that Roman might’ve snapped of the two of them together, or other, ahem, “candid” shots that Rekers might have taken during their escapades.

Does Rekers have a history of escorts? Johns arrested for prostitution always tell their wives “it was my first time.” Bullshit. It never is. And we can’t imagine this is the first time Rekers got bizzy with a sex worker. So how long until other escorts come out of the shadows, whether for their 15 minutes, or because they realized they were giving handjobs to an utter asshole and it’s time to bring down his house? Update: Rekers definitely has a history with Roman. Roman, with Facebook messages as evidence, says Rekers twice visited his home for rub downs before their international trip. Update: And another one joins the fray! A “former porn star” named Chaz (aka the “Chazonator”; real name Carl Shepherd), who claims he is “friends” with Ted Haggard in his wife, says: “One of my clients was none other than Professor George Rekers. I had no idea, until this story broke, that this man was the anti gay activist that he is. Now that I am aware of the damage he has caused the LGBT community, I realize that it is my responsibility to set the record straight. George Rekers is neither gay, nor straight. He is bisexual, like myself. Unfortunately, Rekers is also at odds with his faith, and therefore cannot come to terms with his sexuality, privately or publicly.” Shepard says Rekers asked only for Shepherd to run his fingers “lightly” over his naked backside; the idea of oral or anal sex turned him off. The encounter cost $150.

Does Rekers have grounds for a defamation lawsuit? Rekers says he’s retaining the services of a defamation attorney. Well, he should get counsel. But as American courts routinely decide, accusing someone of being A Gay is not defamatory. However, accusing somebody of breaking the law and paying for sex, if the claim is untrue, is defamatory (regardless of whether it’s straight or gay sex), because that harms one’s reputation. Rekers could likely be deemed a public figure, because of his voluntary outspokenness on a number of gay-related issues. There’s also the issue of “narrow scope”: Accusations made against Rekers are narrowly tailored to precisely his activities as a public figure. (That is, nobody is falsely saying Rekers is a bank robber or terrorist, just an anti-gay hypocrite, an arena in which Rekers is undoubtedly a public figure.) Of course, the ultimate defense in defamation cases is the truth. And with Roman on record about what transpired between the two, he’s the greatest asset to anyone charged with defaming Rekers. Or maybe Rekers’ own taped phone call with Roman is better?

How will this affect Bill McCollum? Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is the guy who paid Rekers a portion of $87,000 to testify, as an expert witness, in the state’s case against legalizing adoption for gays. Facebook-y taxpayers are already demanding McCollum get their money back. But McCollum isn’t just Florida’a AG; he also wants to replace Charlie Crist in the governor’s mansion. Attaching McCollum to a scandal like Rekers is a decent way to sink a campaign. It remains to be seen how much of Rekers’ saga will stick to the GOP frontman.

What about Roman’s future? Roman says his parents know that he’s gay, but not that he’s an escort. They will now. From interviews with various newspapers to Jay Leno jokes to a planned CNN interview, his identity will be known around the world. And his parents will certainly find out about the guy’s night job if they haven’t already. Roman also says he may be forced to drop out of school. So while he’s been instrumental in bringing down Rekers, he’s paying a personal price.

Will “Whatever lifts your luggage” catch on? Attributed to Dan Savage, the new catchphrase is akin to “Whatever floats your boat.” But does it have the staying power of “Santorum”?