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A Serious SIRIUS Talk With Designer Marco Morante

MarcoMarcoInterview1Before the Marco Marco Collection Four was revealed last week, the Underwear Expert was backstage with Colby Melvin, talking Marco Marco style and taking in all the looks. Then during the F*KN SIRIUS show, we sat in the front row, where all that glitter shined the brightest.

We caught up with Designer Marco Morante to talk inspiration, design, models, and what’s to come from Part 2 of the fashion show.

Underwear Expert: Your fashion shows always create a buzz for utilizing drag queens as models. What is important to you when casting your queens?

Marco Morante: I cast my friends and lovers plain and simple. If you are in my show, it’s cuz you give me life. Chanel helps along and really makes it all happen casting wise. I like to shine a little light on up and coming cats and queens as well.

There seemed to be more glittering materials than previous collections. What materials were those, and what design elements from Collection Four separate it from your previous collections?

There was hints of sequin and metallic canvas in the collection which played a large part in our contrast fabrics throughout the collection.

You can find the full interview, and more from this backstage photoshoot, on The Underwear Expert.








Photo Credit: Nicholas Contrera