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Out actor Nathan Sussex on why straight actors should be allowed to play gay roles

“At first I was a bit disappointed. I thought, ‘Why are they casting a straight character in a gay role?’ But then I had to look at myself. I’m a gay man playing heterosexual [characters]. I thought, ‘Hang on, I can’t really join in this debate.’

At the end of the day, when people were saying “He’s an actor playing a part”, that’s exactly it. It doesn’t matter about your sexuality. It doesn’t dictate the roles we should play.

It would be nice as a representation that a gay man could’ve played that role. But then, possibly lots of gay actors auditioned for that role. I don’t know.’”Out actor Nathan Sussex speaking to Gay Star News about straight actors playing gay roles after Disney casts heterosexual Jack Whitehall to play its first openly gay character in 2019’s Jungle Cruise.

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