Adam Lambert + Roland Emmerich Make Sweet Movie Love Together

When the world ends in 2012, Adam Lambert will be singing the swan song. That’s because the screaming singer’s “Time for Miracles” was selected as the doomsday flick’s theme track. Any surprise that 2012 is written, directed, and produced by Hollywood A-gay and ultimate pool partier Roland Emmerich?

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  • Josh

    I can’t wait to hear the full song. I love Adam’s voice. His range is incredible. And he can belt!

  • WitchyWoman

    This song is everything I hoped for. Adam gives me goosebumps! And “screaming singer”? Really? Are we still floating that canard? Adam is one of the most technically gifted singers to appear in contemporary music in decades!

  • YellowRanger

    Ooooh, I love it.

  • Joe

    Sounds like Electric Light Orchestra meets Queen. Good for Adam. The movie looks like the typical idiotic Emmerich nonsense. The guy seems to have a fetish for destroying landmarks. I wonder if he gets naked guys at his pool parties to smash plastic Empire State Buildings?

  • Alexa

    When did Adam Lambert turn into Nickelback? That was complete crap, I hope his album is better.

  • Josh

    Alexa– This song was meant to be a classic rock ballad.

    It does not represent what his album will be like. It is NOT the first single on his album and may not be on the album at all.

    Time For Miracles is for the 2012 soundtrack.

    If you have listened to Adam’s studio versions of his American Idol songs (Mad World, Feeling Good, Whole Lotta Love, Tracks of My Tears) you know that Adam can sing different types of songs and can even sound quite different depending on the song.

    He can do low and high notes and can do glam rock, pop, and ballads. He does NOT “scream” on all of his song as evidenced by Mad World and Tracks of My Tears.

  • Andy

    Dear catty queens, please step aside and get over yourselves. Adam sounds AMAZING. Or do you somehow know more than Brian May and everyone else in the industry who has been raving about him? Grow up, boys.

    And if you think he sounds like Nickelback, you are deaf. The Nickelback dude can’t hit a quarter of the notes Adam hits in that 30 second clip.

  • GENE

    One of songwriters Natasha Shneider died of cancer last year. They wrote this when she was sick (ie- miracles).

    And I’ve just found out that Stephen Gately was a fan of Adam and he was looking forward to his album. Sad.

  • Alexa

    Yes, that’s the most upsetting thing about Stephen Gately’s death, he won’t be able to hear Adam’s album. Jesus, you Glamberts are almost as bad as the Claymates with your blind devotion, one track minds and over the top support. Stop it before you do the same to Adam that they did to Clay.

  • GENE


    I never said that that’s the most upsetting thing about Stephen Gately’s death.Stop twisting my words. You are the one who is OTT. Are you one of losers at VFTW or what?

  • Sammie

    Lambert’s voice sounds amazing. I can’t wait for the entire song.

    LOL at the bickering. So sorry your fave didn’t win Idol. Oh wait, Lambert lost that competition didn’t he? Adam has a lot of fans, some crazy, some normal, some obsessive, etc. The point is, LAMBERT HAS A LOT OF FANS. And the list is growing daily among everyday people and industry professionals. Clay never had the cross section of fandom that Lambert represents. There’s simply no comparison.

    @Alexa Get over yourself and stop putting words in other people’s mouths.

  • Catttt

    I was happy to hear the snippet, which I liked. I love Adam’s voice, but I want the whole song (yeah, me and a million other people).

    Sony is a huge cocktease – they skip from the uber dramatic part of the song to the end, and it’s annoying.

    Hey – Adam doesn’t scream – he hits high notes in falsetto. Yada yada. I’m just glad “scream” doesn’t rhyme with Adam or Lambert the way “pelvis” rhymed with Elvis.

  • Alexa

    Jesus, just listen to yourselves. The Claymates turned people off Clay because of their obsessive actions and you’re doing the same with Adam. Stop it, seriously, it’s pathetic and will backfire. I like Adam, I voted for him on Idol, but it’s getting so I cringe every time I see him mentioned because I know the loony Glamberts will turn up as soon as someone dares to say something even slightly critical of him. And it’s EXACTLY what happened with Clay. Adam doesn’t need your obsessive defense of him.

  • Well

    He turns shit to gold. Kudos.

  • Catttt

    Alexa, you attacked Gene with a completely off-topic remark. You are the annoying one here. I found Gene’s comments to be on-topic about the song. Yours were about Adam Lambert’s fans, which you brought to this thread (no one else was discussing that).

    You sound – what is the word? – oh, I know – obsessed with controlling the behavior of the fans. Good luck with that.

    Whatever – they will buy this song when it hits iTunes, so I doubt Adam Lambert hates them. Get a grip.

    And why are you comparing him with “Clay”?

  • Amelle, 23

    He should come to London, a lot of people over him like him despite hating and mocking Idol lolz.

    Also, I kinda want to watch this now.

  • JD

    I went to this screening. It’s like all the disaster movies rolled into one but wasn’t as cheesy as I expected. The effects were pretty epic.

    It probably was not Emmerich’s intention but the movie was fun. I did feel guilty about enjoying the end of the world lmfao. All sarcasm aside, climate change issues ARE important and yeah, it does piss me off that we’re not doing more to preserve what we had originally but whatever.

    The soundtrack was powerful in context and V fitting for the movie. Inspirational and all that. His voice is really soulful for a white dude gotta say.

  • Jack

    This was a side project wasn’t it. His first single’s rumoured to be a Top 40 dance track. They went for Adult Contemp and they’ve covering all the genres he can now. Good for him.

    Read somewhere Lambert worked with someone who mixed Imogen Heap’s stuff? If he really wants to cover all bases, he should record a Heap esque sounding track. If he can go from Life On Mars to Brigadoon to Slowride to WLL, he can do that.

    The movie looks like a big old mess. I’ll probably watch it.

  • Camina

    I’m really looking forward to this movie. Nothing like a cheesy disaster flick with a big ol’ power ballad.

  • mel

    It’s a little embarrassing, but I secretly love power ballads. There is nothing quite like wailing your heart out to the song cranked to 11 in your car at a stop light. This song totally hits that sweet spot, and the dude’s voice really sells it. If they put it on iTunes, it’s going straight to my iPod for heavy rotation in my car. And the movie looks like total escapist disaster with popcorn fun.

  • Lucas

    His voice is really good.
    And damn they spent a ton on this movie. I’ll watch it.

  • Jon B

    I love Adam, and I loved him prior to American Idol, but I’m starting to get really pissed off with these D-Bags who come to any site that posts something about him and shout his praise from the rooftops. If you don’t read the blog in the first place, why the hell are you here commenting now? Also, the people who bash him are even worse. At least the praisers are fans, the bashers actually follow him just as much as the fans for the sole purpose of hating on him… It’s really weird.

  • JC

    @Jon B It’s called “obsession”. Some of the non-fans are even more obsessed with Lambert than his fans are! On another note it’s also politely called “jealousy”.

    Seriously, love the song. Love him. Can’t wait to buy it and more to the point, I actually think I’ll actually make an effort to see this movie now when I might have let it pass me by beforehand.

  • Crazies

    Regarding the loonies, most of them are Chinese so go easy on them. No, seriously, I don’t mean that at all in a patronising way but he has a HUGE fanbase in China and Japan already despite not even having an album out, and they are really…devoted and vocal albeit polite. It’s just how they are. They have him on Google alerts and they comment on articles regarding him because that’s what is the norm to them. It could be worse. They could tattoo his face on their FACES like Florence and The Machine’s fans do or chain themselves to lamposts like MJ’s batshit fans.

  • AlwaysGay

    I love power ballads too. I think the songs rocks! Can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

  • g

    Love me some Adam!!!!

  • cherch

    Can’t wait for the full song and I’m definitely going to see the movie!!! Adam is amazing!!!

  • sj

    I admit, I have swooned over his voice since I first heard him sing and yet, I am not an AI fan or a (cringe) Glambert. I am just a plain old music fan and I love great voices as well as great guitarist. (sorry but Glambert’s seem scary)

    Adam Lambert has one great voice. May they never categorize him in any genre because his voice has so much potential. It would be a shame to limit him to one type of music.

    Either you are wired to get a thrill from those octaves or not. But even some people who are not fans have admitted (my husband) that he has a damn good voice! And yes, he is also not bad to look at either.

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