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  • WickedGlitter1

    What’s Adam packing then, a missle? I can’t believe there are no other comments on this story.

  • Cam

    Am I missing something, I didn’t see anything that looked off.

  • islandgirl

    Thats because you’ve got the right station but the wrong jingle ball. Philly Q102 was talking about the pants adam was wearing at the MIAMI Y100 jingle ball. Cough, tight tight sparkly zebra pants, it did right by the goods :))

  • WickedGlitter1

    @islandgirl: Clearly those jealous guys at Philly Q102 haven’t seen Adam in his Zodiac pants yet. I think we should trend packagegate on twitter to celebrate Adam’s gift.

  • RandomMedley

    It is not unusual for a singer to get physically excited when they are putting 100% into singing. Particularly classically trained singers that use a professional style of breath control. It does not happen with every song or performance but it does happen.

    Adam can get quite excited when he performs and his fans have taken notice (perhaps a little to much). If you look back at any of the American Idol performances you will notice that the camera angle was always appropriate for TV but the audience could see his “excitement”.

    Here is a link to a performance that Adam was 100% into.

  • Hahahaha

    The fact that um, Glambulge comes and goes as it pleases is pretty much proof that there’s no stuffin goin on.

  • JoJo

    Why do peeps think Adam is excited, that my friends is the amazing package God gifted him with! Rock on Adam Lambert, I always said you had it ALL!!!!!!

  • Devon

    ……….Dear god.

    Once upon a time we used to go to the moon.

  • WickedGlitter1

    @Hahahaha: There needs to be a thumbs up on this site. If Adam’s pants were stuffed where the hell did he find such anatomically correct stuffing that gets bigger as he performs? With Christmas just around the corner I’m having trouble finding that perfect gift for the man in my life.

  • WickedGlitter1

    @Devon: Which is why God put Adam on Earth. He didn’t want us flying all over making a mess of the Universe, so he decided to make things more attractive for us here on Earth. Adam’s penis is part of a larger grand design only known to those of superior intellegence. (I think I just set myself up).

  • KarenB

    Q102’s tweet was re the Miami Jingle Ball where he wore tight zebra print pants. The fans quickly corrected their erroneous notion of “stuffing” and they tweeted an apology to Adam saying they were sorry they doubted his package! Adam Lambert does not stuff! The video is from the wrong JBall.

  • Mark

    Penis envy.

  • max

    obviously you people are some lonely sh**s with too much time on your hands!

  • AugustLA

    Love him! talented, unapologetically himself, fierce, and yeah, I bet he’s hung like a bleep. Ever see those Idol episodes with his tight pants? that’s all I need to say about that. His show was pretty damn awesome when I saw it in Chicago. No breaks, or smoke and mirrors, just him on stage doing his thing.

  • ophu

    That explains a lot, really.

  • jacknasty

    oh well, how is this any different that 90% of things Miley, Gaga, Britney, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Rhiana do/where? Oh yeah because it is a gay man so now it is offensive and lewd and should be punished.

  • swarm

    @20 Greg – Funny you posted that pic, from the Zodiac Show 2004 doing Change is Gonna Come.

    Adam reprised that song for the first time since the Idol finale last night in LA at the Music Box. His tour ends tonight. Enjoy the video, where he also talks about being an LGBT performer and today’s ~movement.

  • swarm

    Gonna try and embed the video but it may not work:

  • swarm

  • swarm

    “Aftermath”, 12-15 at Music Box. An ACTUAL gay anthem, sung by an ACTUAL gay singer (with BFF Alisan Porter performed together for the first time, written by Adam, Alisan, Ferras & Ely Rise).

    The harmony is incredible. He hits a new note there to match her range.

  • Greg

    Glamberts be gone. Nobody cares or watches that shit no matter how clever you think your segue is. His dick is teeny weeny. That is all we care to discuss.

  • MikeyJin

    @Greg: TROLL.

    I happen to love Adam, and know of MANY gay people who do as well. I have never had the opportunity to attend one of his shows, but my 2 gay friends and I were in high school when he was on Idol (our senior year) and his presence on the show uplifted our spirits and made us just way excited to look forward to something when we got out of the backward town we were in. He is talented, and fun, and seems cool, and I and all my friends like him tons. The gay community, especially gay youth is behind you Adam! supporting ya. rock it out!!

  • staciegirlie


    That’s the wrong video/pants. The zebra pants is what caused the ruckus. Jingle Ball Miami. Check it out.

  • staciegirlie

    P.S. Greg:

    Don’t tell us Glamberts what to do. Take your hatred and stuff it. You should be ashamed that you can’t even stand behind a member of your own community who does so much good. Controversial, yes, but the silent meek approach just isn’t working as well as Adam’s in-your-face approach.

    Just today, I heard the news that India overturned their anti-gay laws. And who visited that country/that region of the world within the last 3 monthes and was a shining beacon for the LGBT community? Adam Lambert.

  • swarm

    Greg, I gave you dick photos [one even flopping GIF] but you chose to ignore them. And I’ve been posting here for ages about plenty more than Adam Lambert so take your tiny mouse and click elsewhere if you don’t like it. BTW how does your photo from Zodiac show stuffing? Perhaps you are confused between stuffing and pseudo tucking. Anyway, Adam Lambert could be packing 2 inches and it wouldn’t matter. He’s got balls of steel. Unlike petty internet trolls.

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