Adele surprises gay club audience with stage invasion and pole dance

Cheryl Hole and Adele on stage at G-A-Y at Heaven in London
Cheryl Hole and Adele on stage at G-A-Y at Heaven in London (Photo: Twitter)

Clubgoers at London megaclub G-A-Y were shocked and amazed when a special, unexpected guest turned up last night: singer Adele.

Thursday nights at the club, which takes place at Heaven in Charing Cross, are home to the long-running Porn Idol contest. This is when members of the public get up on stage to perform an amateur strip or pole dance. The event was hosted by Drag Race alum Cheryl Hole.


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Adele was back in her home town to perform earlier this week at the Brit Awards, where she picked up three of the top honors of the night. Yesterday, she recorded an interview for the Graham Norton Show, to be broadcast on Friday night.

Given she was wearing the same pastel pantsuit that she wore at that recording, most people presume she headed out straight afterwards to have some fun with friends at the long-running gay club.

Adele turned up to watch the show, and sang along with her pals to ‘It’s Raining Men’. She then took the stage herself, leaving the audience gasping.

She cocked her leg around the pole the contestants use to dance around, and then asked host Cheryl Hole is she could, “have the final say on who wins tonight”.

She then indicated her preference for a topless woman called Martha, saying, “Yes I pick her, I can see you’re f**king beautiful”.

Cheryl also asked if she could take part next time Adele does a TV special, prompting the singer to joke: “You’re invited to Vegas when I re-announce the show.” Adele reportedly told Graham Norton earlier in the day she was “working her arse off” to reschedule the dates, and it will “100% happen this year.”

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Check out some tweets and videos of her G-A-Y appearance below.