Adoption Discimination Case Settled

butlersbaby.jpg has some tough decisions to make. The Arizona-based online baby-selling site attempted to discriminate against California queer couple, Michael and Rich Butler (pictured with their new baby, Emily), claiming they could do so under Arizona’s gay-protection free laws. A judge ruled last month, however, that if plans on doing business in California, they must comply with California anti-discrimination laws, which include the homos. The company apparently couldn’t take the legislative heat, because they have settled the case. Under the terms of the settlement, according to San Francisco Chronicle, and its parent company,, must either stop working in California or stop discriminating. They cannot, however, do both:

Under the terms of a settlement announced today,, a sister company to, cannot post profiles of California residents “unless the service is made equally available to all California residents qualified to adopt in California.”

Speaking to the press after the ruling, Rich Butler remarked:

We think it’s a great agreement for us because it really ends the discriminatory practice of in the state of California. We hope that they continue doing business in the state, but if they can’t comply with the nondiscriminatory policy and they stop doing business in the state, it’s still a victory for Californians. We’re not allowing them to profit on the back of Californians.

And it doesn’t seem like they’d want to, either…