Advocate All About Going Gray

Before you get too excited, be clear that The Advocate‘s Anderson Cooper cover story is not a coming out story. Sad, yes, but what can you do? Rather, the fag-rag’s dedicated it feature article on the always attractive silver fox.

And, also, homo-journo Sean Kennedy’s coming of gray age:

I first spotted the gray a couple of months before my 30th birthday–three or four strands glistening on my left temple. I leaned into the mirror for a closer look and confirmed my worst nightmare: I was officially old. Sure, there were only a few hairs now, but it was only a matter of time — months, maybe a year? — before I’d be totally gray and my youth would be lost forever.

Oh, Kennedy! We know you – you’ll be young forever. In spirit, at least.

[via Soup Cans]