AFA Wants To Boycott Google. Good Luck With That, Fellas!

After Google unveiled “Legalize Love,” its new campaigned aimed at decriminalizing homosexuality around the world, the neanderthals at the American Family Associate just knew they had to spring into action. So they’re considering boycotting Google and its subsidiaries.

Considering Google owns YouTube that means AFA members wouldn’t be able to watch clips like the one above. (Maybe Vimeo would run your nonsense.) It also means and participating sites wouldn’t be able to make money from the Google ad network or use Gmail for their email.

Buster Wilson, general manager of the AFA’s radio network, admits a Google boycott “is going to be a hard one for a lot of us” that will “test the meat of our convictions.”

With boycotts already in place against General Mills, Kraft (maker of Oreos), Home Depot, Nike and a host of other ubiquitous brands, the options available for AFA members are quickly shrinking.

They better pray to god Kathy Ireland doesn’t come out as a lesbian.