AIDS Group Really Wants To Hurt Boy George

Oh Boy George, do your legal woes ever end?

If AIDS Organization Care Resource has anything to say about it, never. Or, not until they get the $8400 deposit they gave him to perform at a 2005 event. Unfortunately, before Boy Georgie Boy could fulfill his end of the contract, he got nabbed for possession of cocaine following the “robbery” at his house.

Since then, Care Resource has been struggling to get their money, but to no avail. Now they’re getting nasty by sending out press releases insisting their struggle shall continue until the former Culture Club front man coughs up the dough. In said press release, Care Resource Executive Director Rick Siclari says:

The $8,400 that Boy George and Red Parrot took from Care Resource would have paid the cost of primary medical care for 9 of our patients for a full year.

Damn, not only are they distributing this press release left and right, but they’re making Boy George out to be a monster. That’s not fair. We know he’s not a monster. He’s just a coke head.


October 11, 2006:Miami, Florida – Care Resource, South Florida’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS community care organization announced today that it has taken a big step forward in filing their lawsuit against former lead singer of Culture Club, performer Boy George and his booking agency Red Parrot over deposit funds that were never returned to the agency after his cocaine arrest. Care Resource has retained Max Cole of Mishcon de Raya Solicitors, a law firm out of London that will be filing the lawsuit for them.

Care Resource signed a contract on June 6, 2005 with Red Parrot for Boy George to be the celebrity guest DJ at Vizcaya Mansion, Museum and Gardens on Saturday, November 26, 2005 as part of White Party Week Miami, one of the worlds largest yearly HIV/AIDS fundraisers. The cost to the agency was $12,000 for Boy Georges DJ services, and $2,400 to Red Parrot as the booking agent. On August 4th a bank wire transfer went through to HSBC bank in London for $8,400 (1/2 Boy Georges fee as a deposit and the booking agency fee).

Boy George was arrested October 7, 2005 on drug charges after he called 911 to report what he said was a pre-dawn burglary in his Manhattan apartment. In correspondence with Red Parrot just one week after his arrest, George’s booking agent, Johnston Pearce Walker assured Care Resource “George will still be keeping to his scheduled contracted DJ dates”. On November 2, just three weeks before he was scheduled to perform, an email was again received from Johnston Pearce Walker, this time stating “It is with regret that Boy George is not going to be able to DJ at the White Party. We have been instructed by his management that we have to cancel his engagement on this date. This now means that we have had to cancel 11 USA dates. If you would assist us by giving us 14 days we would very much appreciate it. We want to ensure that everyone gets there money back and try to put this mess behind us”

Since that date many emails, letters and phone calls have been placed to the agency, all have gone unanswered.

“The $8,400 that Boy George and Red Parrot took from Care Resource would have paid the cost of primary medical care for 9 of our patients for a full year” stated Rick Siclari, Care Resource Executive Director.

“We cannot believe that a year has gone by, White Party is once again here, scheduled for this November 22 – 28 and we have not gotten a response, our returned deposit, or even an apology from Boy George nor his agency” stated Terry DeCarlo, Public Relations manager for Care Resource, “at an event in Barcelona, Boy Georges manager was approached by Care Resource’s director of finance Wade Patterson who was there representing the White Party and asked him about the situation, the manager stated he knew nothing about it and quickly changed the conversation asking Mr. Patterson if he had and “drops” or “cocaine”, the whole Barcelona incident was caught on still camera and on video by Shane Rogers of which can be seen on their web site. Care Resource plans to pursue every avenue available to them in order to get the money returned.

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  • Jonathon

    I love George… no matter how crazy he may be. Hell, growing up as a gay boy in rural Georgia in the 1980’s he was the only gay person that I “knew” in the whole universe. Culture Club’s first album kept me sane, for which I will always be grateful.

    He should just cough up the money and get it over with.

  • JP

    Perhaps you didn’t mean to, but you seem to imply that somehow his arrest prevented him from performing, something that was beyond his control, e.g., being in jail, unable to leave New York state, etc. In fact, very soon after he was released from jail, and before White Party, he flew back to England, proving that he is (across the) pond scum.

  • diet coke

    Coke Heads are generally mosters. It destroys your life and the lives of those close to you. Stick to pot.

  • tammy

    i love you boy george no matter what you are or what you have done i am a straight women in my mid 40’s i have loved your music and you ever since you have been around, i know your birthday is june 14th, well it just so happens that is my husband and my daughters birthday. i love you i always have and i always will, if you are ever in phoenix i would be more than honored if you could find it in your heart to call me or even visit me and my family, you have my email address now so send me a hello or something. and (old) fan forever

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