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All hail “Dollaritas Steve,” the new social media zaddy that’s quenching all the gay thirst

Steve Mazzari, who has shortly brown hair, a mustache and thick brows, stands throwing up a peace sign at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco in the evening. He wears a jacket with the collar popped up to reveal a maroon tee.

In the internet age, it doesn’t take much to go viral –– especially when you’ve got the thirst of Gay Twitter X on your side.

Just ask Steve Mazzari, a 28-year-old software engineer in the Bay Area.

The mustachioed hottie became an overnight social media sensation after espousing his love for Applebee’s one-dollar margaritas on a local news segment. A man after our own heart!

Mazzari spoke to reporters outside Fisherman’s Wharf following a 3.7-magnitude earthquake that hit San Francisco on Friday (Oct. 27).

“I was just slamming ‘Dollaritas’ up at the Applebee’s with some friends and it was a big shake,” he said. “It was only like, probably a couple of seconds. Everyone stopped talking. It was a big one.”

He ended the interview with a friendly reminder: “Dollaritas are back!” (They, unfortunately, left the Applebee’s menu as of yesterday.)

Considering Mazzari has thick brows, a ‘stache, and a penchant for guzzling tequila, it didn’t take long for gays on social media to find the interview –– and fall in love.

As Mazzari told SF Gate, his decision to splurge on cheap margs was “entirely ironic,” inspired by the chain restaurant’s incessant ads during football games.

But that hasn’t stopped him from capitalizing on his 15 minutes of fame –– nor the overflow of DMs.

“This girl I went on a date with like two and a half years ago messaged me and said, ‘My friend wants to go on a date with you. She thinks you’re her soulmate,'” he said.

And while it appears our Dollarita Daddy is straight, he’s taking the LGBTQ+ community’s affection in stride.

“Me figuring out how I’m going to balance having a 9-5 and satisfying seemingly every gay man in the bay,” he wrote on X.

And in a follow-up interview with KTVU this week, he reflected on the “utter mayhem” of the situation, telling the station, “I’ve learned a lot about where I stand on Twitter amongst certain communities.”

Our gay DMs are open, Steve!

Mazzari even got tongue-in-cheek replying to a since-deleted tweet from a gay who said Steve inspired his fapping sesh, writing, “Have fun.”

He also shared an, erm, rather straightforward Twitter DM from a gloryhole account.

(For his part, Mazzari told KTVU he’s received a “few [comments] that [he] absolutely cannot repeat on this family network.”)

Dollaritas Zaddy is an ally king

Most importantly, we can confirm Mazzari is an LGBTQ+ ally. After he launched a limited-time Cameo account, @computer_gay paid him $1 –– the same price of a Dollarita –– to say “gay rights.”

“Gay rights, trans rights, those are all humans rights,” Mazzari said in the clip. “Nothing but love, so gay rights. Let’s go baby.”

However, the best thing to come from this whole situation might just be Mazzari’s Instagram account.

If this is what a Dollarita body looks like, sign us TF up!

Applebee’s has yet to weigh in on their new unofficial spokesman, but the restaurant’s social media account did hint that a collaboration may be in the works.

If not, Mazzari told SF Gate, “I will take my business to Chili’s.” LOL.

Until then, we’ll be fixing up our own Dollaritas. All this talk about Steve is making us thirsty!

Check out more of our fave thirst tweets for Dollarita Steve below.

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