Military Intelligence: LGBT Group Forming At West Point

The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has trickled down to military academies, with the recent news that Norwich University—the country’s oldest such institution—is celebrating its first Pride festival this week. Now a new branch of Spectrum, an LGBT alliance  founded at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in December, is forming at West Point. Cadet Andrew Fitzsimmons says, “everyone has been very professional… It’s been a very positive environment.”

Knights Out—an association of West Point alumni, staff and faculty who support the LGBT community—has existed since 2009, but this would be the first time active cadets are joining an openly gay group. Knights Out is holding its first gala dinner at West Point on March 31 and ticket sales are so brisk they’ve sold out. (Organizers are trying to find room for more seats.)

Hmm, what was all that talk about military cohesion?

Photos: West Point Public Affairs