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Ann Coulter: Gays Are Natural Conservatives, And The Left Is Just Co-opting Them

With Sarah Palin again unwilling to address CPAC this year, the honor of deliverying the conference’s keynote fell to Ann Coulter, frenemy to the gays. (Well, she was the opener for Allen West.) This woman, who takes credit for GOProud dropping any semblance of supporting same-sex marriage (“it’s a state’s issue,” Christopher Barron will whine), went after The Left for destroying the family and religion for “making up this gay marriage thing” and making anyone opposed to it a “homophobe.” Oh Ann, I wish you would go on and on. Which you do!

“There is something to being gay apart from the sodomy,” says Coulter. “This is why I get along with gays. We like the same music, the same cocktails, often the same men.” But when conservatives attack gays, they are letting “the left co-opt gays. … Gays are natural conservatives.’