Ann Romney To Guest Star On “Modern Family”…If Gay Marriage Is Ever Legal

Ann Romney, who may or may not be America’s next First Lady — over Michelle’s dead body — recently admitted that her favorite show was ABC’s Modern Family, which famously features gay dads extraordinaire, Mitchell (openly gay Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (openly awesome Eric Stonestreet).

Steven Levitan, the show’s creator, responded to Mrs. Romney’s compliment with the “Oh, snap!” heard ’round the world — or at least the Twitterverse:

How great would it be if Ann Romney did marry Mitch and Cam? And Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can play a rival gay couple vying for the same wedding chapel! Mitt and Paul would just throw a ton of money around to get their way while Mitch and Cam would try to appeal to the wedding chapel’s humanity. Of course Mitt and Paul end up winning the chapel — this is a business after all — but Cam and Mitch happily getting married in front of their family, while a tearful Ann Romney practices her Emmy acceptance speech.

Photo: Gage Skidmore