Antigay Benham Bros Urge Christians To Be Like Chocolate Chips


Fresh off the heels of their post-Orlando “We love the gays!” vomit-inducing vlog, the antigay Benham Brothers are back. This time, they’re plugging their crappy new book about the how Christians can survive in a “cookie dough of culture” that has been poisoned by liberals, Pagans, atheists and–you guessed it!–gay people.

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This week, the twinsies sat down with Fox & Friends to talk about their book and that time they were fired from their HBTV reality show for being homophobic.

When introducing the brothers, co-host Ainsley Earhardt told viewers, “HGTV cancelled the Benham Brothers home renovation show before it ever aired because of the brothers’ Christian and pro-life beliefs.”

She left out the part about how they blamed “homosexuality and its agenda” for “attacking the nation” and warned of “demonic ideologies” that are corrupting public schools.

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During the interview, David said they wrote the new book “to encourage Christians to stand up and be strong because we have Jesus Christ inside of us, we have the light of the world.”

“People of faith oftentimes want to be silent,” he added, “and now is not the time to be silent when darkness rises, it’s time to turn the light on.”

Then Earhardt asked about the reality show. Without getting into specifics, Jason replied by saying a “media firestorm” was ignited, causing “networks to stay away from us.” Then he cracked a joke about how network execs thought the brothers were “toxic.”

“Oh, you’re soooo toxic,” Earhardt giggled. “You’re teaching love.

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But things got especially nutty towards end of the interview, when Jason compared Christians to chocolate chips.

“We’ve got to be the chocolate chips of the cookie dough of culture,” he said. “We mix in. We don’t blend in. And we keep our distinct form. Even when put into a furnace!”

“That means you’re the best part,” Earhardt purred in response.

Watch the interview below. Or don’t.