Whatever, dude

Antigay lawmaker who cheated on wife with staffer and got her pregnant says he’s no hypocrite

Barnaby Joyce is a conservative politician from Australia. Last year, he was one of the loudest opponents of same-sex marriage during Australia’s never-ending debate over marriage equality.

Now Daily Telegraph reports that the entire time Joyce was railing against the corrupt morals of gay people, he was cheating on his wife with a former staff member.

Not only that, but now the ex-staff is pregnant.

Joyce, who once claimed same-sex marriage would damage cattle exports, told 730 ABC: “Well, what I want to do is make sure private matters remain private. Quite obviously, I don’t think it benefits anybody to drag private matters out into the public arena.”

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When asked how he responded to charges of being a hypocrite after spewing nonsense about the sanctity of marriage while sneaking around on his wife, Joyce replied: “How could that be?”

“Just because my marriage didn’t work out, doesn’t mean I disregard what marriages are about.”

He continued, “But I’m not going to start saying ‘Well therefore, I’m gonna say that because I failed, I’m going to completely change my views and definition.'”

Yep, spoken like a true hypocrite.

Joyce’s wife Natalie told media, “The situation is devastating, for my girls who are affected by the family breakdown and for me as a wife of 24 years who placed my own career on hold to support Barnaby through his political life.”

She added: “Naturally we feel deceived and hurt by the actions of Barnaby and the staff member involved.”

The lovechild is due in April.

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