Antigay Terrorist and Founder of “Occupy Pedophilia” Hightails It Out of Russia

Russian neo-Nazi and antigay terrorist Maxim Martsinkevich, known as Tesak (“Machete”), announced on his website yesterday that he has fled Russia “on an urgent vacation” to avoid criminal charges of “extremism.”

Martsinkevich gained notoriety earlier this year for his viral video movement called “Occupy Pedophilia,” in which he used internet chatrooms to lure young gay men into what they thought were sexual encounters with teenagers, then filmed himself confronting them and beating them up. (Martsinkevich also created a spin-off series that targets older gay men called “Occupy Gerontophilia.”)

The charges are believed to be based on a video Martsinkevich filmed in Ukraine last month in which he trapped, humiliated and beat a gay Iraqi man.

In the highly disturbing 20-minute video, Martsinkevich confronts the man who is expecting to have sex with a 15 year old boy. Martsinkevich disrupts the man in the middle of a shower, drags him naked into a hallway, beats him, shaves his head, then paints a rainbow on his head and a Jewish star across his chest, and forces him to make a “confession.”

Martsinkevich posted the letter he received from authorities on his website. According to the document, the charges were filed last Thursday after “specialists” from the Russian Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology decided the offending video contained “elements of racial and ethnic enmity and hatred” against “the social groups ‘pedophiles’ and ‘Iraqi gays.’”

The document covers the video of the incident but not the act itself. In other words: Had Martsinkevich simply terrorized the man, it would have been fine. But because he filmed it, authorities are taking action.

On Sunday Martsinkevich uploaded a picture of himself of the beach in Thailand, where he is believed to be hiding for the time being.
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