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Apparently lots of people are searching for adult content of Pikachu and Donald Trump

Pikachu, Donald Trump
A still from Men.com’s parody film “F*ckemon Go!”

One of the world’s most popular adult content tube sites recently released data on its 2018 user searches to reveal what sort of videos users (and gay users) are seeking most. It turns out lots of folks want sexy content starring pansexual X-man Deadpool, the fictional monster Pikachu  and the US President Donald Trump.

To each their own, we guess.

The site compiled statistics on 30.3 billion searches amassed through 35 billion visits. Hilariously, the found conservative red states in the southern US spent the most time on their site. Also (unsurprisingly), most people apparently search for adult videos late at night.

Interestingly, they also found that searches for “transgender” adult content increased over the last year “with a 167% increase in searches by men.”

This is remarkable because it implies that more men are becoming open to exploring their attraction to trans people, something possibly aided by the recent introduction of trans male adult performers into mainstream productions.

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The most searched for male adult performers were all men who performed in heterosexual scenes (hardly surprising considering that only 3.8% of Americans identify as LGBTQ). But here’s some info on the most popular searches by gay users.

gay porn hub search results

As far as celebrity searches go, Donald Trump may be disappointed to learn that only 302,177 searched for scenes with him whereas his wife Melania got 628,014 searches — nearly twice as many. (Fake news!)

And it turns out that among fictional characters, viewers searched most for adult scenes involving Mario and Bowser, the hero and villain from the Super Mario Brothers video game series, and Pikachu, the iconic yellow creature from the long-running Pokemon cartoon and game.

Viewers also looked for content involving cartoon characters like Rick and Morty, American Dad and superheroes like Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Superman, and Deadpool, the pansexual X-Man.