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Archbishop Carl Bean Used to Be a Gay Disco King. Now He’s Telling The World I Was Born This Way

Maybe you remember this 1977 hit “I Was Born This Way”? Above, the song in its original version from Carl Bean; in the clubs, a remixed one. The recording from Bean arrived two years after Valentino originally released it. It’s been thirty-three years since the disco song, written by Chris Spierer and Bunny Jones about being A Gay, came out — well ahead of the Village People. Now Carl Bean is Archbishop Carl Bean, a gospel singer-cum preacher and AIDS activist at Unity Fellowship Church, a nationwide church he founded five years after he released this song. And writing with David Bitz, Bean has a new autobiography out chronicling his journey from sexually abused youngster in Baltimore to leading LGBT advocate. Fittingly, it is titled I Was Born This Way.

Bean chats about his book in this interview: “I don’t fear to be honest about who I am. I expect to be called upon to speak about it, challenged ,probably be baited, but I know that it will give a lot of people permission to be honest about who they are. God is love, and love is for everyone.”

Give this man a hug. Or, just purchase his book.