giving lip

Argentine TV host dives into spontaneous makeout sesh

Viewers of the popular Argentine talk show Los Mammones got more than they expected Tuesday (Nov. 29) when host Jay Mammon paused to make out with a male guest.

In this case, that guest was Julio Bocca, a famed singer and dancer in Argentina. Both Bocca and Mammon are openly gay.

During a segment on the show promoting a benefit for the Julio Bocca Foundation, an Argentine performing arts charity for children, the pair paused to perform the song “Honrar de Vida.” Before they started, however, Bocca paused to say he needed “incentive.” The host then leaned over and locked lips with Mammon amid the screams and applause from the audience.

“This is where we come. Literally,” a flushed Mammon told the audience. Mammon then explained that both men had a “dry” year due to the pandemic before launching into the song.

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After the song, Mammon’s co-host Silvina Escudero began chanting “Pico, pico,” to encourage the pair to kiss again. The audience quickly joined in, prompting Bocca and Mammon to exchange a pregnant look. They paused a moment, before locking lips again, this time in a more passionate exchange.

We couldn’t help but notice Bocca blushing and starry-eyed after the kiss. We also couldn’t help but notice the half-drunk glass of champagne sitting atop the piano.

Hey, that move has worked on us before too. Given that the kiss also helped promote a charity, how could we complain?