“Arrow” Star Stephen Amell Uses Series Hiatus To Blast Russian Homophobia

hottFor everyone asking, we’re taking a mini hiatus so people can grit their teeth and suffer through an Olympic games marred by homophobia and mediocre levels of public interest. Back February 26th. … Follow up point — Good luck to all the athletes who have worked so hard for so many years and essentially geared their entire life around this opportunity. Hopefully, a lot of them will use their success and a public platform to remind everybody this isn’t the stone age.”


— Arrow star Stephen Amell showing he stands up for equality while noting his hit series is on hiatus during the Winter Olympics, in a message posted to 875K followers on his Facebook page


H/t: The Daily Grind

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  • Richard

    Yes please. I’ll take one.

  • Scribe38

    Thanks Sir!

  • DShucking


  • Caine

    well that’s interesting since he is married to Cassandra Jean, former America’s Next Top Model contestant whose claim to fame on the show was being a Christian morality right wing bible thumper.

  • MikeE

    @Caine: Sometimes even married people can disagree on things.

  • covert

    @Caine: People change for the better, but also I’m pretty sure you’re confusing her with another contestant.

  • MK Ultra

    OMG YES!

  • litper

    If he wants to blast homophobia the he should talk about Colton H…

  • litper

    @Caine: it’s obvious she’s a beard

  • Daniel VR

    @Caine: Is it possible you’re confusing Cassandra Jean with Carrie Prejean? Just curious…

  • stranded

    @Daniel VR:
    That’s what i’m thinking. She was the girl who made a big deal about getting a haircut. Which in the end made sense, because the haircut they gave her was fugly. She was the uptight one, but i don’t remember her being the conservative christian one.

  • hotshot70

    Carrie Prejean was the anti-gay bitch who Michael Phelps was banging. I don’t know the other girl. Bravo to Amell for showing support to USA and slamming Olympics at same time. I myself am not watching any of it.

  • Respect4all

    It’s nice to see that Amell is not just a pretty face and a hot bod. He also has a functioning mind and a social conscience. So rare to find all of these in one package nowadays.

  • Respect4all

    @stranded: Wikipedia mentions the haircut incident, but no mention of her political or religious ideas. People do change.

  • balehead

    His wife is a a hardcore Christian…Perhaps that is why he is tweeting Gay Rights Awarenss to hide this…..

  • balehead

    Cassandra Jean has kept it pretty quiet….

  • jwrappaport

    @balehead: Why can’t it be enough for you that someone is pro-equality? What his wife does (or doesn’t) isn’t relevant. What’s relevant is that he’s clearly an ally. Hit the weights. bro. Maybe you’ll look like that someday, but for now, you have failed this city.

  • litper

    balehead aka Dog Rapist aka RICK one of many right-wing troll’s aliases

  • balehead

    Some individuals need to Quit posting from their mental facilities…

  • EricNYCity

    well I would certainly expect him to be gay friendly.. .the producer of the show (his boss) is gay. ;)

  • KittyLitter

    He was actually going to become the male-for-male escort for the series “Hung” if it hadn’t been cancelled.

  • startenout

    If I didn’t think he was hot before, being well-spoken and socially minded just raised my…rankings.

  • misterhollywood

    He has always been supportive of gay people and is a very cool person when it comes to GLBT folks in general. We put him up on our site as more of a fan page than anything else. Totally admire this guy – for real.

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