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At Least Jodie Foster’s Movie Calls Mel Gibson a ‘Loser’

Here’s why Jodie Foster has been trying so hard to make America fall in love with — or at least hate less — Mel Gibson: Because The Beaver, where Foster co-stars with “the most loved man in the film business” and directs him — opens this spring. If you’ll forget that this is actually a story of redemption, then you’ll appreciate the first half of the film, where Gibson is told by his kid that his brain is “broken,” and that he’s “lost all hope” and that he’s a “dead end.” Then Jodie’s character tells him she “will fight for you” because “I love you,” and you realize this just way too meta.

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  • alan brickman

    One of the better films out there!!….

  • Cam

    Interesting title Jodie chose there.

  • Gary B.

    I will no longer support his movies.

  • adman

    Attention world: Let’s all step up and defend any and every delusional straight man from himself, since we are all just garbage compared to what he is truly in terms of his potential. Thank you and carry on, Jodie Foster.

  • GregorVonK

    Wally, have you seen THE BEAVER?

  • Billy


  • Pip

    looks really bad

  • divkid

    Eeewh! ***Beaver*** on queerty!?
    Need.To. Lie. Down.
    Smelling salts.

  • merkin

    please tell me this is just a bit from Family Guy

  • GregorVonK

    Y’know contrary to all predictions, Jodie Foster’s career as a director/producer/developer has been REALLY disappointing. She’s a talented actress with real presence, but she doesn’t seem to have panned out as a director. She’s at best, OK.

  • Fitz

    I hate Jodi and her tattoo’d beaver. The fact that she likes vag does NOT put her in my camp. She beats up teenagers, and associates with violent misogynistic, homophobic, racist asses like Mel Gibson.

  • Tracey

    I have always had a thing for Jodie, but I’m wondering if this film is real or just really shocking? I guess it’s the ol’ keep your friends close, your homophobe enemies even closer, and your beaver–ah, well…hmmm.

  • skzip888

    This is a director job. Papa Jodie’s sick of all those would-be Hinkleys ogling her female form in the dark and wants to move behind the camera. Mel Gibson’s just the sort of chauvinist man-pig that a few less-than-secure Butch Lesbians secretly admire. She thought she had a sure thing when she made this deal, now his bad boy behavior could ruin Jodie’s official ascension to the Director’s chair.

    As for the movie, it looks like another one of those over-shot Mid Life crisis stories that were so popular after American Beauty came out. The divorced middle-aged straight dudes who run the studios like to pretend that some wealthy executive winning back his teenage son’s admiration is some sort of grant existential journey. Quite frankly, it looks like another manipulative Mid-life-crisis fantasy that would have appealed to the baby boomers ten years ago, before their unemployed kids moved back in.

    Mel’s the only prescription puppet here.

  • skzip888

    I spelled “great” as “grant.” I apologize.

  • the crustybastard

    This movie is being releaased for the sole purpose of providing critics something to mock.

  • quasarmeister

    of course this is about redemption. the only way you work in hollywood after you have a meltdown in which hate on others for things they cannot prevent…, or until you find the next gay joke.Gays’ll jump on board too because a seriously disproportionate amount of gays can me to wet myself. Human brains love a good joke and we all know ignorance, while bad everyday pratice, can be hilarious. …is to do a redemption film. Fuck it! Mel hate a jew or not, just don’t preach it! loved mad max and donner films with you. your hamlet was the first Shakespeare i’d ever heard/seen performed. You rock. Not my friend if your a bigot, but i’ll be blessed if your avenue of hate is even close to corporate america or its bed fellow the legislative (primarily, cuase that would be the least expensive/ logical target)branch of the am. govt. I’d rather not pay the production companies than the actor/director/writer/creative mind. You know many creative minds are tortured and self destructive at times and sometimes in the end. So once again, don’t hate on the crazies neither, case you missed it!

  • quasarmeister

    his inability to depart from the beaver, is our/hates inability to ever let mel be himself by forgiving him. The beaver, on his fist intriguing. You’re him with the inability to remove, the beaver is his career; he fixed it but your fist is in his ass, so buy a ticket and break out the anal eze, cause this is a jodie foster film.

  • Jeandarc

    um, quasarmeister, where are yer meds?

    well, anywho once as A-hole always an A-hole. and that goes for Foster, too.

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