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Out Athletes Gus Kenworthy and Robbie Rogers Set To Guest On ‘The Real O’Neals’


The Real O’Neals is only a few episodes into its second season, but it’s already well on its way to becoming the new Will & Grace—in one way at least. The ABC sitcom loosely based on sex advice columnist and cultural commentator Dan Savage’s adolescence may not be the ratings powerhouse its predecessor was, but it’s certainly racking up the celebrity guest appearances that became almost a weekly feature in W&G’s later seasons. Jane Lynch, Lance Bass, Tyler Oakley and RuPaul all appeared in the season premiere alone, while Tim Gunn and Jimmy Kimmel had cameos last spring.

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Now gay athletes Robbie Rogers and Gus Kenworthy are slated to appear in an upcoming episode that finds newly out Kenny (Noah Galvin) joining his school’s wrestling team.

There’s no word yet on exactly what roles Kenworthy and Rogers will play in the episode, but they will be appearing as themselves. So far celebrity cameos on The Real O’Neals have taken the form of Kenny’s overactive imagination. If we’re lucky, he’ll conjure up images of the Olympic skier and soccer star in form-fitting wrestling singlets…

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The show has largely been praised by fans and critics for its warmth and humor—and for delivering a dose of Martha Plimpton into our lives on almost a weekly basis. Hopefully the star power—not to mention Rogers and Kenworthy’s high voltage sex appeal—will get more eyeballs watching. And hey, if that fails, producers could always try to get all the gay Hollywood types that Galvin read for filth back in June (Bryan Singer, Colton Haynes) on for one hell of a rating stunt.

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