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  • Bill


  • Nick

    Well, I guess if he’s going to screw us, we might as well enjoy it!


  • Tallskin

    Can I just say right now that I am bored shitless with Obama?

    Remember you heard it from me first!

  • BrianZ

    What a tragic mess! How would you keep this thing clean!?!?

  • Kid A

    That looks quite painful.

  • Bob R

    Let’s hope you only have to buy the dildo to get screwed by Obama. Whereas, Bush, Cheney and company have been screwing us ans the nation full time sans condom or lubricant for the past 8 years.

  • dvlaries

    See why it’s dangerous (or at least foolhardy), in our times, to go around claiming you’ve seen it all…?

  • tofer david

    it is good to see he is wearing a lapel flag pin

  • dairyqueen

    This is disrespectful and not even funny

  • ManHUNTer


  • Stephen

    @BrianZ:You have to “change”it.

  • Stephen

    Why not the “hole” collection, all 44.

  • BradK

    One can only begin to imagine the sociopolitical symbolism implied here. The “endorsements” are priceless.

  • Garry

    The funny part is that the one who really screwed us is that idiot Bush. Where is his dildo??? Oh, that’s right, he has a line of butt plugs coming out with little barrels of oil as lube.

  • Only Yours

    Well! We have arrived! This is how we celebrate the New Magic Black MAN! By suggesting or should I say suggestive implmentations that is head will feel inside some of us.
    What a Royla screw!

  • Pearlsegypt

    This is how we welcome the Magic Black Man. Imagine! Barry deep inside, enemy camp ~ shooting blanks – ~ with his well focused no-non-sense adjectives; accompanied by his wicket tongue! Ouch!
    By the way, I do not think the First Lady will need a rain –coat!
    I predict. The New First family, or should I say, the First Lady! ~ will give birth to the ~ first healthly living baby ever born into the Presidency of these United States!!

  • Phoenix (Fuming In Silence Whilst Plotting Anarchy)

    I thought the “Executive Branch” would be larger and blacker.

  • Xavier

    Oh Em Eff Gee… words fail me. And this product fails us all.

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