Truly tasteless jokes

Ben Carson cracks joke about concentration camps right after Holocaust survivor receives honor

People walk around with “their feelings on their shoulders.”

That’s the point Ben Carson is trying to make  — (?) — in this commencement address at Lafayette College in 2009, in a speech he gave directly after Holocaust survivor and scholar Nechema Tec received an honorary degree.

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As Right Wing Watch reports, Carson kicked off his speech by criticizing the idea of political correctness, and he thought a joke about concentration camps would be the perfect way to illustrate his point:

I was talking to a group one time about the difference between a human brain and a dog’s brain and a man got offended. He said, ‘You can’t talk about dogs like that.’ I was talking to another group about how the fashion industry has gotten the young ladies to think they’re supposed to be so skinny they look like they’ve escaped from a concentration camp and a Jewish man got offended. He said, ‘You can’t mention concentration camps, that’s too delicate, it would be as if I said something to you about slavery.’ I told him, ‘You can mention slavery all you want, it doesn’t bother me.’

RWW also points out that Carson — currently Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development — often compared the United States under the Obama administration to Germany under Nazi rule, and once claimed Obama was driven by “Mein Kampf.”

But if none of that sits right with you, you’re clearly one of those people who “wears their feelings on their shoulders.”

As Carson says at the end of his commencement speech, “If anyone is offended, too bad.”