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Beyoncé’s ode to a drag icon, the second coming of Lesbian Jesus & more: Your weekly bop roundup

With the solstice behind us, the summer creeps ever onward.

It seems like the heat seeping in has everybody feeling a bit more laid back this week: Andrew Garfield showed off his beach bod, hot German film No Hard Feelings ran the festival circuit, and even Christian Walker is making his way to sunny Florida.

As far as this week’s hot music drops go, it’s clear that this one’s for the girls.

From Tove Lo’s slay to Moi Renee, here’s your weekly bop roundup:

“PURE/HONEY” by Beyoncé

Not only did Beyoncé prove that she doesn’t a surprise drop to stop the world, but she paid stunning homage to the queer community while doing it. Among the inspirations and collabs for Renaissance were beloved disco icon Donna Summer, trans personality Ts Madison, queer producer Honey Dijon, and Beyoncé’s own late gay uncle, Johnny. Most prominently is the interpolation of drag gem Moi Renee’s legendary house track “Miss Honey” here on “PURE/HONEY”. The queen not only celebrated Blackness and queerness, but the intersection of the two and the icons who’ve paved the way.

“sugar at the bottom” by Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko was dubbed “Lesbian Jesus” by fans years ago, and she has finally risen with her sophomore album, Panorama. The uber-summery visuals of this project, from the music videos to the launch party in LA full of exclusive merch powered by WMX, fully lend themselves to the album’s energy. The album opens with this bassy pop lamentation that finds Hayley ultimately deciding that she’s glad her ex is someone else’s problem now — hot drama for a hot girl summer record!

“Let Us Die” by King Princess

Genderqueer rockstar King Princess is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for love in this forlorn, yet formidable track. A fitting finale song for King Princess’ new Hold On Baby album, “Let Us Die” is this love story’s grand exit. With a tongue-in-cheek, unquestionably queer music video features scenes like drag star Gigi Goode performing surgery on the singer with a razor sharp scalpel/acrylic nail — a literal nail in the figurative coffin of this romantic journey.

“Despechá” by Rosalía

The gays have been eating up RosalÍa’s Motomami songs as TikTok sounds and making a million and a half memes of her “Bizcochito” performance stance, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to be taken any less seriously. “Despechá” is as genuine and driving a track as ever from the star, with a driving dance beat that’s undeniable.

“2 Die 4” by Tove Lo

Another hot song on this list with a death obsession, Tove Lo takes a more “with you I’m reborn” angle in this entry. Singing “look alive and come with me, you’re to die for every day,” it’s apparent that Ms. Lo is ready to risk it all. To be fair, the pinging electronic post-chorus sound here hits the ear in a way that truly is to die for.

Join us back here next week for another bop roundup!

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