Last Supper Scandal Lives Again!

Bill Donohue Hopes Miller/Coors Merger Ends S&M

The world momentarily stopped spinning when Miller and Coors beer companies announced their impending merger. Seizing that moment, Catholic League president Bill Donohue expressed his hope that this deal with eradicate Miller’s involvement with the leather clad, Last Supper defiling Folsom Street Fair:

Now is the time for S&M Miller to rid itself of its nasty image, so that the new company, MillerCoors, isn’t known as S&M MillerCoors. Since we haven’t gotten assurances from the Milwaukee-based brewer that it will no longer sponsor obscene anti-Christian events like the Folsom Street Fair, we are taking our plea to the Molson and Coors officers and families. Select pictures of what occurred at the street fair will be sent to them today.

It is hard to imagine the Coors family, with its stellar reputation, as well as the Molsons, a distinguished Canadian family, wanting to support public displays of religious bigotry and sodomy.

Wait, wait, wait…

Did Donohue just praise a Canadian company over a great American, self-determined company like Miller? That’s the most unpatriotic thing we’ve ever heard! In addition to his blow hard, backward ways, Billy Boy’s also harboring some pretty anti-American sentiments. Perhaps now we know where to find Osama Bin Laden: in Donohue’s inflated sense of morality.