Bill Maher Totally Pussed Out

So, remember when Bill Maher told Larry King that he would be outing promiment Republicans on his Friday night show (including Ken Mehlman, whose mention later got axed by CNN’s censors)?

Well, it seems Maher got cold feet. Not only did he not follow through, he didn’t even mention the Larry King episode.

Of course, people are all about finding a conspiracy in all of this. Some insist the Republican National Committee – from which Mehlman just announced his retirement – pressured Maher to keep a lid on it. 247 Gay reports:

Whether CNN removed the reference and has gone to battle to eliminate all copies of the uncensored video is a result of pressure from the RNC or simply from fear of being sued for slander is in hot debate – with no statement from CNN being issued in regard to their actions.

[Many] fans to wonder if [Maher] too had fallen sway to pressure from the RNC or possibly from higher-ups at HBO not to make good on his word. No statement by Maher about the incident has been forthcoming.

Considering that CNN’s papa, Ted Turner, donated over $300K to the Demmies this year, it seems the Cable News Network simply wasn’t in the mood to get sued for slander. We can’t blame them, though. We almost got sued for slander – it’s a real inconvenience.

As for Bill Maher – well, he’s never been one to bow to political controversy. Thus, we doubt he held his tongue to please the RNC, nor do we think he ran from a possible lawsuit. His bosses at HBO, however, may be a different story. We’ve been looking for a strong link between HBO officials and the Republican party, but have yet to find any evidence at all. So, we’re assuming it’s a legal issue, rather than some vast political conspiracy.

If any of you kiddies can dig up some dirt, however, we’ll be happy to take a look.

Oh, please, we know you’re not doing anything better at work. We also know that you used to pretend to be Nancy Drew.