Equate Gay Rights With Civil Rights, Cause Stir

Black Baltimore Group Supports Gay Marriage

There’s some trend bucking in Baltimore, where a group of black activists have come out for gay marriage. Under the leadership of Elbridge James (pictured), the Maryland Black Family Alliance will push their peers to join the call for gay civil rights. Says James:

There’s a scarcity of information on this issue in the black community. The black press doesn’t cover it; talk radio doesn’t cover it. … We have this sort of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell policy’ in our community.

As James talks gay rights, others question the parallels between gay and black social movements. Politico pastor Emmett C. Burns Jr objects to the correlation:

I get really bent out of shape when you talk about gay and lesbian rights as a civil rights issue. Whites can hide their gayness; I cannot hide my blackness.

First, that’s not always true. Second, did Burns just imply that all gays are white?!