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    So are they saying these people can vote on this plane sheet of paper?…..

  • donsnyc

    GOP are pigs. Scum of the earth.

  • donsnyc

    And btw, the log cabin republicans have a serious case of self hate.

  • Darth Paul

    Extra-pathetic, considering the part of Obama’s lineage by which he was raised (really, that which makes him American) is as white and protestant as can be, but these sh!tbags still try to drag out “black” and “muslim” for its own retarded shock value.

    Yeah, HOO-SAYN…ever heard of Ehud Barak?

  • fredo777


  • psy

    Just when you think the GOP can’t get any lower. I’ve been saying that a lot lately, and they just keep out-doing themselves.

  • greybat

    It’s a sort of republican Limbo dance, I guess, Psy!

  • Bob

    Where was this circulated?


    If only the GOP was brave enough to do such a service for this great nation, but they’re afraid of criticizing Obama for fear of being called racists. And as such the reign of a tyrant will begin. Only middle America, PA and FL can save us now on November the 4th.

  • Antonio MAGALHAES


  • Matt

    The sad thing is a lot of Black people are voting for him because he is Black and a lot of white/hispanic people are voting against him because he is black too. I mean if you look at the Black community (ecspecially where I live) they are all wearing their Obama shirts. I don’t recall driving to work and seeing Kerry, Clinton (bill) shirts and pins.

  • polobear

    Please Churchie you know some politicians are capable of such things esp in the GOP your feigned naivety is pathetic
    Contact Sarah if she is not too busy on her Blackberry plotting her new course of action she can tell you where there is a Bridge to Nowhere that could be put to good use

  • fredo777

    Well, Matt, while there are lots of black voters supporting Obama ( + quite a few who aren’t, for social issues, mostly), it’s not exactly fair to single them out for being more excited about this particular race or even this particular candidate. Plenty of people are more excited about this race (many of them not black) + we are seeing more buzz, more ads, + more trendy memorabilia + what-nots with both McCain + Obama’s likenesses on them than I’ve seen for any other election.

    Though I don’t support him based on his race, I can also acknowledge that his candidacy is something new for the country + a lot of people are buzzing about this “historic” race for that very reason. I’m not “dazzled” by his race, though. What I’m impressed with more than anything is that he’s gotten lots of voters (young voters, minority voters, etc.) excited about politics that didn’t give much of a shit about it in the past.

    Likewise, I’m sure there were plenty of women who were supporting Clinton (Hillary) because they identified with her as a female. I think there are so many more great reasons to have supported either Clinton or Obama + would have voted for either in the general election, but I don’t really get mad at those whose voting decisions are influenced by “identity politics”. Frankly, I’d be hypocritical to do so when part of my reason for voting the Obama/Biden ticket is because I believe that they’d be a better choice for LGBT citizens + wouldn’t appoint ultra-con justices, for example.

    I’m sure that the situation would be the same if we had an Asian-American, Latino, Native American, openly gay (we can only hope), or other candidate who was a serious candidate for the presidency for the first time in our history. Lots of people who identify with that person based on a shared ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. would likely be excited about that candidate, regardless of their political party, + more prone to actually vote for them if they also spoke to their stance on the issues. It is what it is. Hopefully, we can get to a point where talented, capable Americans of any ethnicity, gender, or sexuality can run, potentially making it all the way, + only be judged by the content of their character b/c we’re no longer fazed by their skin, religion, sexuality, etc.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    The election of Illinois Senator Barack Obama as POTUS is a watershed “Kennedy” moment in U.S. History. The last minute desperate attempts by the Lone McDanger and his sidekick, Poncho will have little affect on the already decided electorate. This race-baiting flyer will be distributed in poor white neighborhoods especially the elderly. I am gladdened to see so many African-Americans, many of whom did not even imagine “their” candidate winning, partake in the Election process that many have been denied in the past. Bring on Bam-e-lot! If only gays could have an out and proud candidate in the future instead of closeted politicians pulled out the closet, kicking and screaming. Nevertheless, to quote Bill Clinton at the Democratic Convention “We are on the Right side of History!”

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