Selling it

This bonkers Aflac commercial featuring Melania Trump as a duck is going viral for obvious reasons

Once upon a time, before becoming First Lady of The United States of America, Melania Trump was an aspiring model and actress.

Her big acting break came in 2005, when she booked an Alfac commercial. The 30-second insurance ad, which has recently resurfaced online, features Melania as “Mrs. Trump” lying on an operating table in a laboratory as she has her voice transplanted by a pair of mad scientists into the Aflac duck.

It’s totally weird. But, we have to say, it’s a pretty solid commercial. And it’s definitely withstood the test of time. So we give it an A.

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At the time, Melania told AdWeek that she hoped the commercial would be the launch of a long and successful acting career.

“I am very excited to make my acting debut in the latest Aflac commercial,” she said. “Donald is known for saying, ‘You’re fired,’ and maybe I will be known for saying ‘Aflac’!”

Clearly, those plans didn’t work out since these days Melania is known for saying–well–nothing. She’s proving to be the least vocal, least active, least engaged, least interested FLOTUS in modern history.

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If you’re wondering how the commercial reentered public consciousness it’s because Donald had a meeting with Aflac resource manager Michael Porter in the Oval Office earlier this week.

After being gifted a pair of Aflac-inspired socks, Trump told Porter: “Your chairman I know very well and he’s done a fantastic job. He actually a long time ago hired my wife to do a big commercial, an Aflac commercial, and I think it was a successful commercial, too. So say hello to him.”