Melania Trump just gave a speech about bullying at the United Nations and Twitter can’t even

Melania Trump speaks before the United Nations

Just 24 hours after her husband stood before the United Nations and taunted Kim Jong-un, calling him “Rocket Man” and threatening to “totally destroy” every man, woman, child, animal, plant, and other living thing in North Korea, then denounced other world leaders, including, of course, Barrack Obama, first lady Melania Trump gave a robotic speech about bullying at a U.N. luncheon because, well, of course she did.

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“We must remember that they are watching and listening,” the First Lady pleaded to her audience. “When we come together as parents, we claim responsibility to the next generation.”

She also encouraged everyone to “live by and honor the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

“We must teach our children the values of empathy and communication that are at the core of kindness, mindfulness, integrity, and leadership which can only be taught be example,” she implored.

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As you may recall, online bullying is, er, um, was supposed to be Melania’s cause as First Lady. At least, that’s what she said back in January shortly after the inauguration. The plan seemed to have ended before she moved into White House in June, but perhaps she’s revisiting it now? Who the hell knows?

Naturally, Twitter had lots to say about the speech. Take a look…


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  • KaiserVonScheiss

    Blah, blah, blah. SJWs on twitter have a hissy fit.

    And isn’t it terrible that Trump called Rocket Man a name? So sad.

    Maybe Rocket Man shouldn’t threaten death against his neighbours and launch missiles at them.

    • Nahald

      Maybe Trump should grow up. He has the maturity of a ten year old ! And that is not good for a president to have.

    • Alexis

      Maybe Small hands Trump should put his hands in his big mouth, and stop antagonizing the world with his small ego.

    • DarkZephyr

      No, they are having a perfectly legitimate reaction to the INTENSE irony behind her words. And your constant defense of these people has become nothing but a joke.

    • Brian

      SJW? Really? You use that term unironically?

    • Ander


    • jheryn

      You don’t have to be a SJW to understand the difference between bullying and posturing.

      Trump boosts his own ego by bullying. How many people has he called stupid and losers? How many women has he judged on their looks? He was doing it before he was president, while he was campaigning and still doing it today. He is the poster boy for bullies.

      And maybe KaiserVonScheiss should stop trying to insert his cranium up Trump’s posterior.

    • DCguy


      Kaiser, If, as the apparently, sole remaining screename of Mo Bro left, you want to try to convince people you aren’t simply a right wing anti-lgbt troll planted here to cause trouble, you MAY want to stay away from the Breitbart terms like SJW. Nobody outside the incestuous right wing bubble (And those of us that watch you for entertainment) knows what that means.

      Additionally, do you know why they use SJW instead of spelling it out? Because it means “Social Justice Warrior”.

      That is who the right wing is now. They use a term for somebody who fights for justice as an insult. That is what the Republicans in America have become.

    • Spike

      And yet Russia continues to supply Rocket Man with oil and your god emperor Trump says nothing.

    • KaiserVonScheiss


      “Social justice” is not the same as justice. It’s largely neo-Marxist nonsense.

      And anyone who complains about the most first world of first world problems or gets offended on behalf of people who aren’t even offended themselves deserves to be called an SJW.

      Just fyi, there are left-wingers who think SJWs are a problem. It’s just that SJWs view everyone to the right of Mao as a “right-winged.”

    • Alexis

      @KaiserVonScheiss For a russian troll, your english is spot-on! You must be busy in those cubicles, surfing various social sites. If only my government paid me to do that too…I could bring Russia down in an instant

  • Nahald

    She gave a speech against bullying when she’s married to the BIGGEST bully on the planet ? Priceless! The hypocracy of Trump and his family knows no bounds !

    • leobaga

      You do know you’re a bully yourself, right? Hypocrite.

    • Brody

      leobaga –

      Props for spelling “hypocrite” properly, whereas Mr. Nahald apparently could not.

  • Jack Meoff

    I still can’t make up my mind if she is just completely clueless or if she is actually quite shrewd and times these things ti show up her husbands shortcomings.

  • gaym50ish

    Making speeches that invoke the Golden Rule and encouraging kids to “make nice” with each other will not end the bullying. In fact, no school anti-bullying program will be successful as long the schools cave in to evangelical leaders and refuse to acknowledge that gay kids are frequent targets. Many schools will not accept the help that GLAAD and other gay organizations offer in creating the curriculum, because some parents don’t want their kids “indoctrinated” by the gay community.

    Focus on the Family’s “True Tolerance” program actually instructs parents on how to protect kids from the “gay agenda,” advising that they monitor anti-bullying programs so that nothing about gay kids will creep in. In the meantime, gay kids continue to be bullied and continue to commit “bullycide.”

  • DCguy

    One day, when somebody actually introduces her to her husband and they have a conversation, boy is she going to be surprised.

  • Spike

    Seriously, what can you expect from a soft core lesbian porn model?

  • Brody

    She’s still more intelligent, classier, and far better looking than her predecessor, which is why the left hates her.
    They hate being upstaged, especially to such an extreme degree.
    Plus, they all suffer from TDS.

    • radiooutmike

      More intelligent than the former FLOTUS?

      Melania went to university for her freshman year then dropped out after it to model. Which is fine by me, but then she lies on her website that she received a degree? Michelle graduated from Harvard Law School.

      Classier? Hardly, look who she has as a husband. Someone who is classy does not marry a brash and rude egotist, no matter how wealthy he is. I get it, she wanted to marry rich guy, so she would not have to work, have a kid and live a pampered existence.

      Better looking? Beauty is subjective. I think they’re both attractive, but who cares? I’m posting on Queerty.

      Far better looking?

  • Billysees

    She also encouraged everyone to “live by and honor the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”……………the article says

    Good for you Melania, keep up the good work of encouraging people to be kind towards one another.

    ‘In everything’, treat others as you would want them to treat you, for ‘this fulfills’ the law and the prophets………..…Jesus……..…Matthew 7:12

  • Luna1979

    I like Melania. She’s trying very hard to be productive and do her job as First Lady. It’s just… bullying is something kids are taught by their jerk parents and until they’re held completely accountable for their despicable kids, it will continue. I remember I came home from school at 8 years old crying and asked my mom what a fag was. No 8 yo knew that word on their own back in the 80s. They had to have been listening to their hateful parents. In case you were curious, I had enough of being sweet and by the age of 12 started knocking the everloving hell out of everyone and had no further problems. Maybe we don’t need anti-bullying, but boxing.

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