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Bowen Yang slays as George Santos: “I invented being gay”

Bowen Yang as George Santos
Bowen Yang as George Santos (Photo: YouTube)

After the damning Ethics Committee report into George Santos, and news of another vote to expel him from Congress, opportunities for Saturday Night Live’s Bowen Yang to roast the disgraced Republican may soon dry up.

Thankfully, Yang reprised his performance as Santos for a memorable SNL sketch over the weekend.

Appearing on the Weekend Update segment of the show alongside Colin Jost, Bowen, as Santos, responded to the Ethics Committee report. He dismissed the accusations he spent campaign donations on OnlyFans subscriptions.

“Isn’t Congress kind of like OnlyFans anyway?” Yang said. “People paying you to do nasty things on a sad, bad livestream?”

At one point Jost says that everything that comes out of Santos’ mouth is a lie: “Are you even gay?”

“Of course I’m gay, Colin. I invented being gay. I was the one at Stonewall who said, ‘Here’s an idea: You guys should kiss.’”

Watch below.

The Ethics Committee report and Santos staff resignations

Santos is facing 23 federal charges relating to wire fraud, money laundering, and using credit card donations for personal gain. He denies the charges.

His House colleagues referred him to the Ethics Committee earlier this year. Last Thursday, that committee issued its damning, 56-page summary. The panel’s chair, GOP Rep. Michael Guest (Miss.), introduced a resolution Friday to expel Santos. However, no action will be taken with it until after the Thanksgiving break.

The committee’s findings include numerous expenses not filed with the Federal Election Commission. These included money spent on Botox, spa stays, and OnlyFans subscriptions. Several expenses were racked up in Las Vegas at a time when Santos told his staff he was on honeymoon. Another $6,000 went on Ferragamo products.

It also says Santos over-inflated the size of loans he made to his campaign. He later claimed back loan “repayments” that appear greater than the sums he’d loaned.

Following the report, Santos announced he will not seek reelection in 2024. His staff also appear to be jumping ship. It’s been reported that on Friday, his communications director, Gabrielle Lipsky resigned from Santos’ office.

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