Boy George Didn’t Really Want to Hurt Male Hustler

Boy George and bondage are two phrases we really don’t enjoy seeing next to each other, but jurors in his false imprisonment trial got an earful of it as they listened to a tape of Boy George made by investigators.

As so often happens when you’re a 80s club icon with a history of substance abuse and scandal, Boy George became suspicious that the 29 year old Norwegian hustler in his apartment was hacking into his computer. So George did what any sensible person would do in that situation: He handcuffed the hustler to the bed. He told investigators on the tape:

“I asked him to come [back to my flat] because I wanted to find out if this guy had borrowed my stuff… He struggled a bit when I was [handcuffing him] because he realised I wasn’t messing around…I didn’t tell him the reason I was doing what I was doing….I said I just wanted to check something. He was saying: ‘Let me go’…I absolutely admit I had him in the handcuffs, so he wouldn’t go anywhere while I checked the computer. I certainly wasn’t going to kill him, that’s hardly going to do my career any good is it?”

Audun Carlsen, the hustler in question, says George not only tied him up, but also beat him with a chain, which the singer denies, sort of. He admits that he did hit Carlsen the first time they met, but that it was only at Carlsen’s insistence.

Creepy washed-up popstars, where would we be without you?