Excuses, excuses

Boyfriend tells girlfriend he was only ‘looking for weed’ after she discovers Grindr on his phone

A young woman isn’t sure what’s going on in her relationship, so she’s seeking help from advice columnist Deirdre Sanders.

The 26-year-old woman explains that she’s been dating her 34-year-old boyfriend for about six months, but the sex has recently turned to “rubbish,” perhaps because he has a drinking problem.

Or maybe because… he’s gay?

She isn’t sure.

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The young woman writes: “One day I came home early from work. He was furious and went to bed drunk. Something made me look at his phone and I found the Grindr app.”

When she confronted him about it, he told her he “had just been looking for weed to help him quit the booze.”

Looking for weed. Riiiiight.

She continues, “He admitted he had experimented with guys in the past. I know he’s had several hundred women but only a handful of guys.”

Now she doesn’t know what to do.

“My head is telling me to leave but my heart says stay.”

Deirdre wastes no time bringing the young woman back down to reality.

“Listen to your head,” she replies. “If you take off your rose-tinted glasses, you will see far more reasons to be unhappy than happy in this relationship.”

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She continues: “Your heart wants to believe he is what you saw in him at the start. But just a few months down the line the reality is you are with a man with drink issues and who knows what else.”

The bottom line, Deirdre writes, is this: He ain’t trustworthy. So cut the cord ASAP!

What do you think this young woman should do? Stick it out or head for the hills? Share your thoughts in the comments…