Bravo Launches Seven New Unscripted Series—And They’re Pretty Darn Straight

Though it’s been around since 1980, Bravo didn’t become a household name until the early part of this century, when it shifted to a reality-TV format with breakout shows like Queer Eye, Top Chef and The Real Housewives franchise. And the network has been so successful at attracting LGBT viewers, it has essentially forced Logo to drop its gay-centric programming directive.

But now, as seven new Bravo series have been announced to the press, it looks like the “Watch What Happens” network might be aiming for a more hetero demographic itself.

Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva reports the new series in development (all with working titles) still hew toward Bravo’s tried-and-true areas of food, fashion, real-estate, relationships and pop culture—but none have the  queer quotient of a Project Runway or Flipping Out.

On 10 Things That Make Me Happy, various celebrities wax romantic about the tchotchkes that they love and give a tour of their homes. We loved Cribs but we’re not sure if, in this depressed economy, viewers are gonna wanna look at $300 T-shirts and gold-plated steering wheels. Ditto Property Envy, in which real-estate experts profile the homes that make them week in the knees. Heck, most of us are just happy to make the rent each month. Of course, Property Envy is coming from super-gay producers Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey of World of Wonder, so there’s some hope there.

Alumni Project reunites high-school classmates from America’s top schools after 15 years after graduation. Sure, there might be a cute coming-out sequence in one or two episodes, but we’re pretty sure this is gonna be more along the lines of Romy and Michelle.

Two new shows are aimed right at straight women: Female Entrepreneur Project, a sort of Apprentice on estrogen and Sex and the Kitchen, which sounds like The Real Housewives meets The Restaurant . But just in case those series sound to feminist, Bravo is also working on MD: OC, which sees Orange County cougars speed-dialing their plastic surgeons for another nip and tuck. We never liked Dr. 90210, so we don’t have high hopes for this one.

The one new show that sets our gay hearts soaring is Fashion Stories of NYC, which follows four up-and-coming designers working on make-or-break collections under tutelage of fashion maven—and Top Model diva—Andre Leon Talley (above).

Save us, Andre Leon, your our only hope!