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Brazilian actor Théo Becker opens up about being bi-curious

Théo Becker is a Brazilian TV actor, model, and singer. Yesterday, he opened up to his 130,000 Twitter followers about feelings of bicuriousity he’s experienced in the past.

“I swear… I tried to be open-minded, one day I thought about the possibility of being gay, but I couldn’t… it wasn’t in my nature. Maximum respect for the choice of each one. Don’t be mad at me… I tried.”

When someone pressed for more details, Becker clarified that he never acted on his curiosities, it was more a thought he entertained for a while before deciding it wasn’t his thing.

“I thought about the possibility,” he wrote, “but it was impossible for me.”

But not everyone appreciated the tweet. Some felt it was ignorant and pointed out that being LGBTQ is not a choice.

“Nobody chooses to be LGBTQIA+,” one person commented. “We just are. Being smart is a choice.”

Another added, “Honey, you can be open-minded and not be gay. But one thing is certain, ‘being gay ‘ is not a matter of ‘trying’. Either the person ‘is’ or ‘is not’.”

While those criticisms are certainly valid, another way of looking Becker’s tweet is from the perspective of a straight-identifying man from a country with a homophobic president and where violence against LGBTQ people is widespread talking about being bi-curious in a public forum.

There are still a lot of men who aren’t willing to admit they, too, have had same thoughts, so the fact that Becker is using his social media platform to try and normalize it might not be such a negative thing after all, even if his wording was a little off.

According to Open Democracy, LGBTQ people in Brazil are disproportionately harassed and victimized. The country sees an average of 22 violent attacks a day, or roughly one every hour, with the majority of victims being LGBTQ teens. And last year, trans murders skyrocketed by 70% from the previous year.

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.

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