BREAKING: Supreme Court Breaks Silence On Gay Marriage, Taking Up Prop 8 Appeal

After stalling for what seemed like forever, the justices of the Supreme Court have finally decided to weigh in on marriage equality: In an announcement made this afternoon, the Court revealed they will hear an appeal of Hollingsworth v. Perry, centered around the legality of California’s odious Proposition 8.

In addition, the Supremes will also hear an appeal of Windsor v. the United States, which addresses the Defense of Marriage Act: Widow Edie Windsor, 83, had to shell out more than $300,000 in estate taxes when her legally-wed wife died—money they would have kept if they were heterosexual.

The justices will not act on the petitions involving other marriage-equality cases,  like Gill v. Office of Personnel Management, which addressed the inequity facing LGBT government employees who are legally married in their home states but can’t receive federal partner benefits.

We’ll have more analysis and news as it becomes available.