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Bret Easton Ellis Throws 50 Shades of Shade at Matt Bomer And Neil Patrick Harris In Twitter Tirade

Bret Easton Ellis’ unhealthy obsession with 50 Shade of Grey  has somehow led to the author throwing shade at openly gay actors Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Bomer.

The “novel” has proven incredibly successful with a big screen adaptation pretty much guaranteed while the iron is still proverbially hot. And although he has literally nothing to do with said adaptation—having lamented the fact, no doubt with a very stern pout—Ellis still can’t seem to avoid tossing in his two cents.

Ellis has already made it all too clear that he thinks a straight — or at least closeted — actor should play the protagonist, Christian Grey, since casting White Collar‘s Matt Bomer would be the equivalent of casting Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

But he didn’t stop there. Following a backlash over his insensitive and rather out-of-touch comments, Ellis took to Twitter and fired off a series of jabs not only at “trophy-husband” Matt Bomer but also Neil Patrick Harris — who plays a notorious womanizer on How I Met Your Mother — and, for some reason, sitcoms in general.

These are from the evening of August 9th, EST:

(10:09 pmReading all of these articles about Matt Bomer: I NEVER said gay actors can’t play straight roles, or straight actors can’t play gay roles.

(10:11 pm) However: in the VERY specific case of trophy-husband Matt Bomer playing Christian Grey then it makes things problematic. That’s the truth…

(10:12 pm) To reiterate I NEVER said gay actors can’t play straight roles. If that were true my entire generation of male movie stars would be jobless.

Apparently something ignited his Grey fervor again and Ellis felt the need to vent:

(4:37 am) Scene in Fifty Shades of Grey I’m most looking forward to: Matt Bomer as CG: “Are you gay, Mr. Grey?” Matt sighs: “No, Anastasia, I’m not.”

(4:55 am) After Anastasia asks the gay question Matt Bomer as Christian “raises his eyebrows, a cool gleam in his eyes. He does not look pleased.”

(5:11 am) Feel complicated about Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother: central joke being that he’s a gay actor playing a het womanizer. Um…

(5:18 amThen why not cast Jason Segal in the Neil Patrick Harris role in How I Met Your Mother? The meta-joke is that Harris is openly gay. Lame…

(5:30 amLook, I like Neil Patrick Harris especially when he’s hosting The Tonys but “How I Met Your Mother” is like all CBS sitcoms a piece of crap.

(5:38 amYou don’t think the makers of How I Met Your Mother didn’t KNOW that Neil Patrick Harris was gay and that would be part of the joke? Really?

(5:43 am) And please don’t get me started on the gay The Big Bang Theory. I’m too tired to go there. Gayness personified. Another terrible CBS sitcom.

(5:53 amYou’re missing the point. I’m not a homophobe. I’m a misanthrope. I hate the way homosexuality is presented in our entertainment culture.

(6:13 am) If you think Modern Family has a progressive attitude about gayness then you’re a retrograde tool. The fact that it’s being lauded: a joke.

Barring his rant on CBS’ prime-time lineup, why is Bret Easton Ellis so obsessed with “the biggest novel of all time” and in particular, Christian Grey? He’s mined similar territory before—and better—with 1991’s American Psycho, and you’d think he’d have his hands full with Lindsay Lohan on the set of his own film, The Canyons.

Yet Grey and Grey occupy a strange place in his heart. Sour grapes after being overlooked to adapt the script? Perhaps a fictional-man-crush? Whatever it is, Christian Grey represents something important to Ellis and he will not stand by and watch his good name be sullied by someone not “genuinely into women.”

 Photo: Mark Coggins

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