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Brett Kavanaugh, who likes beer, is having an absolutely terrible day

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is probably pounding back the beer this morning after new details about the FBI’s investigation into sexual assault allegations made against him by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in 2018 have been released.

The FBI just disclosed that it received over 4,500 tips–yes, 4,500!–on a phone line back in 2018 as part of its background check into the then-Supreme Court nominee, but it only sent the ones it deemed “relevant” to ex-President Donald Trump‘s White House counsel. Now, Democrats are asking for more information.

CNN reports:

The exact number of tips was disclosed in a June 30 letter released by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse on Thursday. The letter was in response to a two-year-old request from Senate Democrats seeking more information about the handling of the investigation.

The revelation reignited fierce accusations from liberals who say that the FBI and the Trump White House did not sufficiently examine allegations against Kavanaugh in the wake of accusations from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that he had sexually assaulted her at a party in the Maryland suburbs when they were both in high school.

Kavanaugh’s nomination marked the first time in history that an FBI tip line had to be set up for receiving information during a Senate confirmation inquiry.

After Ford went public with her accusations, investigators spoke to just 10 people before concluding that the allegations had no merit. Neither she nor Kavanaugh were ever interviewed as part of the investigation, leading many people to call the whole thing a farce.

In the wake of this new information, Ford’s lawyers are once against calling it “a sham and major institutional failure.”

“Not only did the FBI refuse to interview Dr. Ford or the corroborators listed in our letter to FBI Director Wray, it failed to act on the over 4,500 tips it received about then-nominee Kavanaugh,” her attorneys said. “Instead, it handed the information over to the White House, allowing those who supported Kavanaugh to falsely claim that the FBI found no wrongdoing.”

Meanwhile, Democrats say the new information “raises significant additional questions” and are calling on the FBI to explain, among other things, exactly how many tips the FBI decided were “relevant” and what criteria they used to make that determination, as well as how they vetted the tips, who was in charge of monitoring the tip line, and whether the tips were recorded or preserved.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The new information has also reignited questions about who paid off the hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt Kavanaugh owed right before he was nominated by Donald Trump to the Supreme Court.

In 2018, Mother Jones reported:

Before President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, he had a lot of debt. In May 2017, he reported owing between $60,004 and $200,000 on three credit cards and a loan against his retirement account. By the time Trump nominated him to the high court in July 2018, those debts had vanished. Overall, his reported income and assets didn’t seem sufficient to pay off all that debt while maintaining his upper-class lifestyle: an expensive house in an exclusive suburban neighborhood, two kids in a $10,500-a-year private school, and a membership in a posh country club reported to charge $92,000 in initiation fees. His financial disclosure forms have raised more questions than they’ve answered, leading to speculation about whether he’s had a private benefactor and what sorts of conflicts that relationship might entail.

All of this comes less than two weeks after reports that Trump himself slammed the SCOTUS Justice, who believes employers should be able to fire people for being LGBTQ, while speaking to journalist Michael Wolff.

According to Wolff’s book “Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency,” Trump told him he was “disappointed” in Kavanaugh, adding, “There were so many others I could have appointed, and everyone wanted me to.”

“Where would he be without me?” Trump said, according to the book. “I saved his life. He wouldn’t even be in a law firm. Who would have had him? Nobody. Totally disgraced. Only I saved him.”

Here’s what folx on Twitter are saying about the latest Kavanaugh drama…

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