Bryan Safi: A Conversion Therapy Success Story

OH NOZE! Conversion therapy has worked so well — especially for fat, bald men — that Current TV’s Bryan Safi is a new man. A new, heterosexual man, that is! Say goodbye to That’s Gay and say hello to That’s Straight. It’s butcher, it’s badder, and it gets 12X less sex than its previous version.

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  • Cam

    Those sad pathetic deluded folks.

  • tavdy79

    What’s a twelfth of nothing?

  • Qjersey

    The so-called liberal media only gives this morons air time to appear “balanced” and presenting “both sides.”

    So why isn’t the media interviewing people who would use leeches to cure the swine flu?

  • Willie Hewes

    Ha ha. Nice little roundup. Cohen is the best.

  • Michael vdB

    I always love how the gays are reduced to the “boink, boink” example. Doesn’t take into account anything else like feelings, emotions, spirits. Sure I have a dick, but I am a person too.

  • ChristopherJ

    Bryan Safi and his entire team are geniuses.

    “That’s straight”

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