Budapest Court Bravely Defies Police, Giving Okay To Gay Pride Parade

A city court in the Hungarian capital of Budapest has overruled police efforts to deny permits to Gay Pride Parade organizers, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The court says the parade, which expects to draw nearly 2,000 participants on July 7, can still go down at the planned time and date.

Police have often tried to shut down Gay Pride in Budapest,  with the conservative political party using similar reasoning to St. Petersburg’s recent ban on the “public promotion of homosexuality” (which could become a national reality in Russia).

Says the WSJ:

Like in recent years, the police refused to grant permission for the Budapest Pride, saying the march would restrict commuters’ right to free movement. The court said, however, that traffic can be diverted from a road that otherwise frequently hosts marathons and bicycle rides.

Some organizations and a parliamentary opposition party in Hungary have said the march should be banned because it would set “a bad example” for children. Radical Jobbik party last week submitted an amended proposal of its original bill aimed at protecting “public morals and the mental health of the young generations” from homosexuality, transsexuality, transvestitism, bisexuality, and pedophilia, said MP Adam Mirkoczki, the bill’s proponent. The amendment seeks to outlaw “promotion of sexual deviations.”