Goth gays rejoice! Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s comic book incarnation will soon delve deep into a lesbianic love affair:

In the latest installment of the comic book series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight” — which continues the saga that began in a 1993 film and then continued during seven seasons of a hit television series — Buffy takes a break from her vampire duties to jump into bed with Satsu, a fellow slayer.

Joss Whedon, executive producer of the strip, told ABCNEWS.com that the story line flowed naturally and is nothing to gape at.

“We had already established that there was this character, Satsu, was in love with Buffy and that Buffy was kind of lonesome,” said Whedon. “[We decided] it would be fun if they just went ahead and did it, rather than have it be a ‘will they won’t they’ situation.”

Despite Whedon’s assertion that Buffy’s adventurous sexuality is nothing new — after all, her best friend on the show, Willow, came out in Season 4 — industry insiders still aren’t convinced that the latest plot twist isn’t anything more than a marketing ploy.

Well, it is the year of the lesbian.

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